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Would someone care to explain the basis of the "embarrassing nosebleeds" I keep seeing in Anime and Manga recently?


  • In anime and manga (Japanese-originating animation style), it is very common to see sexually aroused characters suffering nosebleeds, sometimes intense ones. Sometimes referred as the Japanese Slapstick, this rarely occurs in real life, but is based on a Japanese "old wives' tale", which states that becoming sexually excited can cause nosebleeds.[citation needed] Such occurrences are generally played for laughs and signify "loserhood" and/or virginity. This conception regarding nosebleeds also exists in Chinese culture.
  • If you are watching an anime that uses the nosebleed gag, it is probably a bad show you should not be watching.
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    I first encountered it on Nana ep 45. Now that the show is licensed I can't get the last two episodes!!!

    I also saw it in the Eden Manga yesterday.
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  • Yeah, thankfully the old wives tales are not true, and that I'm not living in Japan...As many times as I can get a nosebleed in a day due to dry air/hot weather.
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    Steve, you can still get them from Ureshii Fansubs. We finished up the series; just go to the website.  There are links to BT and IRC: whichever fits your fancy.
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    It is not a new phenomena...  In fact, it seems to have gone out of favor the past 5 years.
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  • Steve you can still get them from Ureshii Fansubs. We finished up the series, just go to the website there's links to BT and IRC, whichever fits your fancy.
  • I maintain that the Combustible Campus Guardess nosebleed is the only one that I ever really found hilarious.
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    What a way to end the Nana season one... Any word on if there will be a season two? Is the manga beyond the point where season one ends?
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