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Gaming ID Thread consolidation

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Alright people. At the present time we've got a Wii number thread, a DS code thread, gamer tags in the profiles, and an increasing need for a Steam ID thread of some sort. What I'm thinking is that we can get rid of all the existing threads and make just one sticky thread for all of our IDs on everything. Everyone will post in the thread just one time and keep editing that one post to add more information to it.

There are a few other options I'm thinking of for consolidating these threads. If you haven't noticed, you can add pretty much any information you want to your forum profile. I can make a script that goes through everyone's profiles looking for certain things and makes a page that contains all that info. This would require basically no threads whatsoever.

Basically I'm just tired of all these sticky threads taking up space, and it is too much work for me to go through and find all these different friend codes and ids. What are your thoughts?


  • I think we should try to get rid of as many stickies as possible and standardizing the new one through your script would make it much easier to find the information of others quickly.
  • I am with you 100 percent. Scrolling past the ocean of stickies sucks (especially when I visit from work... ON MY CELL PHONE)
    I think it'd be great, especially if people followed the rules and posted once... and only once.
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    Yup, yup. Codes in profiles would be best. More than two or three stickies becomes annoying.
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  • Full agreement! A single place to look would be awesome. Not that I have anything but a DS but I look to the future!
  • I approve. Would make way for the "forum members' things of the day" thread with funny videos and articles galore!
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