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Anime Afterthoughts Episodes: MIA?

edited August 2007 in Anime
I'm just digging in to the archives, and I've noticed that damn near everything you guys talk about gets concluded with "Yeah, we'll do an afterthoughts episode in a couple of months or so..."
Okay. So I watched Eva immediately... That's been a few months, okay, whatever...
Trigun was almost a year ago... What's up homies? Where's the afterthoughts?

Eva, Trigun, Utena....?
Will there ever be afterthoughts episodes, or did I miss something where it's like "Heh heh heh, oh Rym and Scott keep saying it, it's such a funny joke!"
I would absolutely love to hear spoiler episodes on a ton of anime you've all talked about... and I'm sure you'd love to talk about them :)


  • We don't have time to re-watch 26 episode anime series. Just wait.
  • I'm actually good to go on Utena and EVA final thoughts.  Scott's the one who needs to re-watch. ^_~
  • Read a wiki summary or something :)
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