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GeekNights 070808 - Baccano!

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Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about why Baccano excites us. In the news, since there's no interesting anime, manga, or comic news, Scott rants, then Rym rants.
Scott's Thing - The New AE86

Rym's Thing - Siberian Fortress


  • I have to say, listening to Scrym ranting and raving about some random thing that pisses them off was pretty fun. A thursday show where Rym and Scott rant for an hour or so would be pretty good... Maybe.
  • I know something Rym and Scott should rant about...
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    That was not just rain in the city, it was a tornado!

    I was going to mention that Rym's gain seems to be much higher than Scott's but then I realized that I don't need to hear Scott all that much on the podcast ;)
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  • Really need to check this Baccano out, seemed pretty sweet series.
  • Scott puts the microphone in a different place every single show, and he tends to move his head a lot.   I can't always make up for it.
  • The seiyuu you speak of that deserves so much praise is the one and only Norio Wakamoto. I'll admit that my initial experience with the man came as Cell in DBZ, but as you noted, he's done an assload of other stuff. I'll go out on a limb and say that perhaps his most significant role (no, the most significant role of all-time, period) is saying "sukaraido!" in his gruff, rolling tone in the s-CRY-ed eye-catch.

    The AWO folks have issued much-deserved splooging over him at times, as well.

    Needless to say, my interest in this show has indeed risen to absurd levels.
  • I am pretty sure the Watchmen movie will happen, speacially because his director Zack Snyder (from 300 fame) have already decided a release date.
  • Monocle guy is also the Narrator for Hayate no Gotoku. The man has a great voice for his line of work.
  • That editor stole my arbitrary point system!
  • Another theory on the "Brought to you by these sponsors" in English bit I thought of while repeatedly re-watching the intro (habit of mine) is that its [it's =? it is] an eyecatch for the adverts that come between the intro and the main show (In Japan you have adverts, intro, adverts from the sponsors listed on the screen, first half, adverts, second half, adverts from sponsors, outro, adverts.)
    Does America really have adverts every 8 minutes? I heard but don't believe.

  • Does America really have adverts every 8 minutes? I heard but don't believe.
    Not only that, but on many channels there are commercials(adverts) on top of the show itself. Just one of the reasons we don't watch TV in the geek house.
  • Does America really have adverts every 8 minutes? I heard but don't believe.
    Our half-hour timeslot shows are 22 minutes. It's generally intro, commercial, part one, commercial, part two, commercial, random bit, credits, commercial, next show.
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    Oh mans, finally an anime with good potential has arrived.
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    More of Scott ranting please! It was great!
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