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GenCon Indy '07

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Any of you folks planning on attending GenCon Indy this year in any capacity?


  • I am. It will be my 6th or 7th in a row and about 10th time overall. It is great fun.

    I have reverted to my early ways of cramming as many people into one hotel room as possible, since I am going sans girl friend. She decided it wasn't worth it as a vacation even if, as she said, "you feel like a celebrity just by being a woman."

    Go, enjoy!
  • Another T-Shirt Idea! "GeekNights: You feel like a celebrity just by being a woman."
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    One, funny girl friend (aka Abby) at Gen Con story.

    Abby was walking back to the RCA dome and saw a guy who was practicing with another girl with a pair of boffer weapons. The guy was pretty much owning the girl and kept hitting her in the face. Abby suggested a couple of things the girl could do and witnessed pretty much more of the same. The guy asked if Abby wanted to trade places with the girl, she did, the rest is Gen Con GOLD.

    Abby commenced to totally own the guy and it ended up with him on the ground.

    I guess the moral of the story is before you spare with a stranger in public, it is always best to ask them if they are studying for their second degree black belt.

    The only thing that would have made this better would've been being there instead of inside gaming.
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