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T-mode 07

edited August 2007 in Conventions
Have anyone been to this con in prior years? I know its a young con but I'm willing to give it a chance since it has some unique events.

I think the swap meet is a good idea. I do have manga and anime I have buyer remorse about and plus its around the poor college student time. I know I probably won't get the latest or not so greatest but I could trade my stuff for stuff I might like. The only rule is no money, just trading.

Plus there a ramen eating contest I want to enter. I'm not sure if its going to be the cheapo cup o noodle or actual Japanese style ramen. Either way it would be a free meal on that day. I could eat a lot of noodles! ^_^

Anyway what your take on the con if you went last year. A+? F-?


  • I'm going. Fuck it, I say, the con starts on my birthday. A friend of mine is staffing, actually. It's something to fill the con hunger until, say, AUSA.
  • True. Im trying to attend more cons besides Otakon and Katsucon. I just got tired of waiting for each in 6 months time.

    I'll be at AUSA too at a volunteer. Volunteering is a good opt. when you're a broke college student who needs crash space.
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