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Volunteering at an anime convention

edited August 2007 in Conventions
I'm signed up to volunteer at AnimeUSA this November. I thought it would be useful for me since I can get the crash space but what should I know about volunteering. You know like how to do this right and stuff to watch out for and stuff NOT to do. Thanks.


  • That con is in northern virginia right? I have being thinking in going there but I do not know how good that con is.
  • Yup. It's in Crystal City, VA. It's only half of Katsucon in attendance but check their site to see if its worth traveling a long way for. My friends at school all go together and love it but my college student wallet couldn't take it. So like I said . . . CRASH SPACE! I'm doing this for fun and crash space.
  • Well, I live in manassas so that is about 30 mins away from me. I will definately check it out.
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