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The Spirit movie

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I did not believe it until I read it.
I do not know if they can do it right.


  • I just saw it today.

    Oh my god was it not The Spirit we know and love. Fuck you, Frank Miller, I hate you so goddam much.

    If you ever find yourself reading the criticisms at the bottom of the movie's wikipedia article, know that they are 100% correct.
  • I heard if you watch it as a parody of a superhero film then the film works a lot better :-p
  • It was a terrible, terrible film. Getting that out of the way, I actually enjoyed the horrible campiness of the whole ordeal.
  • Dude, that movie was freaking awesome.

    I was attending a high-school reunion. My school is filled with geeks. We watched this movie in the theater. We all laughed.

    This movie is SO bad, it's awesome.
  • It was so bad, it made me laugh in the way only 80s Flash Gordon could.
  • I'll admit that about halfway through the film I started enjoying it for the hilarious atrocity that it was. You just have to ignore that it was supposed to be a Spirit film.

    I thought Frank Miller, being a comics artist himself, would have some genuine respect for Eisner's work but he completely raped it. :| Either he's a complete bastard or he's batshit crazy. Or both.
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