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Air Gear

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The description about this show sounds exactly like the old video game Jet Grind Radio.


Jet Set Radio Futre (xbox): "Similar to the original, it depicts a future Tokyo where freedom of expression is outlawed. You play a character in the GG's, a gang of rollerblading graffiti artists who skate around Tokyo covering up rival gangs' graffiti, knocking over Rokkaku police, and dancing to the eclectic soundtrack. The game uses the cel-shaded style of animation, and has been widely acclaimed for its unique music stylings, detailed art, and fun gameplay."

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    Air Gear:

    I watched the first and second episodes before Rym and Scott bashed it. Now I thought that I might like it even though it didn't really look like it was going anywhere. Then I downloaded the manga and discovered the horrible truth. This is a fighting show. I shit you not. It's a fighting show on moto-rollerblades. DO NOT WATCH AND/OR READ IT! This is just a fucking horrible show/manga.

    Tactical Roar - Scott is going to want to hurt me. I downloaded the third ep simply because my mind was saying "a show can't be this bad, it just can't; there has to be some redeeming quality to it." I was wrong. Ep three is a cross between a political court martial and T/A on the beach. The main character is the MOST pathetic male character I have ever seen. This guy makes Tenchi look like he has balls. Under no circumstances are you to watch this show.
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    I kinda like it. I'm on the 7th episode or so.
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    I like tenjo tenge the manga and I really wanted to like this one but this anime is really boring.
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  • Air Gear is just like every other fighting show out there. The main male character has some "special" about him, blah, blah ,blah. Okay. The short of it is that this show fucking SUCKS. Don't watch it, don't even acknowledge that it is even there.

  • Ah, Tenjo Tenge. I read the first bit of the manga and was vaugly interested because the brash young punk with the spikey hair was actually beaten up right off the bat. Then I realized he was going to be the main character and I decided to stop. Air Gear has never even interested me.

    Bleach, Bleach was pretty well done for a generic shounen fighter since it had an interesting setting, music I enjoyed, and Urahara. I watched it till the fillers started (some of it on FF), and I figure I'll watch the movie.
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