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GeekNights 070829 - Buzzer Beater

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Tonight on GeekNights: Buzzer Beater.
Scott's News - Speed Racer Buzz

Rym's News - Anime is Dead to Me
Scott's Thing - Hulk vs. The Gremlins

Rym's Thing - Crosswalk Prank


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    Holy crap, early show!
    Ed.:  I thought you guys were going to complain about the Kodomo no Jikan anime, not new Gunslinger Girls, with the "anime is dead" bit.  That's the manga where the 10 year old wants to jump her teacher's bones, with the controversy where some publisher (I don't remember which) was going to release it but backed down when they realized how bad it is.
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  • You guys made me remember of a relatively old sports anime that also has human and non human character. The show I am talking about is Dragon League, look at the opening and you will see what I am talking about:
  • I never actually saw Gunslinger Girls, but I was under the impression that it was good. Then again, I got this impression from various bloggers that are known for blogging about moe shows, so I should have taken that with a grain of salt. Still, one of my best (female) friends likes the show a lot, so I still think I won't know what to think of the show until I see it for myself. Oh well, at least the OP and ED songs I know are good.

    As for Buzzer Beater: I was never interested in Slam Dunk, and if it's anything like what you guys described of Buzzer Beater, now I think I am even more disinterested in them both. Maybe it'd be fun to see some of the ridiculous clips from the show, like you said, but not a whole episode. Too much torture, sounds like. XD;;
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    I never actually saw Gunslinger Girls, but I was under the impression that it was good.
    The moeness isn't the problem.  Gunslinger Girls is just very poorly paced and poorly directed.  Action scenes are barely animated, and tend to skip actual "action."  The plot is trite.  The characters are one-dimensional and entirely unoriginal.  The story doesn't really progress, nor does it end. 
    The show is done so poorly that it would have been bad regardless of the actual plot.
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