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What to get, what to get....

So I've been wanting to get into board games recently, I really want to get Fury of Dracula, but I'm not sure what else to buy. Nothing else from the show in the past has really piqued my interest much. So does anyone have any suggestions?

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  • Settlers of Catan. Carcaassonne. Those are the games which the new board gamers play.
  • edited April 2006 is an okay site for info on board games.
    The entry for carcassonne is;

    I have only played carcassonne once and would rather play other games than play it again. I don't actually play many board games, but I enjoyed House on Haunted Hill, which has good replayability. It's a bit like the dracula one; a bunch of adventurous people go through a big manor, which is made as you go with tiles, and then one of them gets turned to evil and tries to kill the rest. That is, of course, a very brief description.

    I also recently played a prison break game that was enjoyable, but has limited replayability. I don't remember what it was called, but the board is randomly made up of tiles at the start. Each spot has a sybmol. Each player has a hand of cards, each with a symbol on it. You play a card, and move one of your six men to the next place an equivalent and empty symbol is on the board. So, if you have a guy at the start, and you have a knife card, but all the knife spots have people on them, your guy moves to the boat to eascape. the first person with all six guys on the boat wins.
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  • Deaf-mute, you're thinking of Cartagena. Other good gateway games include Ticket to Ride, Bohnanza, and the 10 Days in ___ series.
  • An awesome one I have is Arkham Horror. It's a co-operative game, and there's randomness, but still great. And there's Cthulhu in it, which is double greatness. It's pretty close to a roleplaying game, in that players select a character (the detective, the nun, the archaeologist, etc) and collect skills, equipment and spells. Essentially, you travel around Arkham shutting down dimensional gates. Shut them all down, and you win. Too many open = big bad guy appears. If he appears, fight him (or lose instantly, it one particular baddy appears).
  • I'd suggest Amon-Re. It's great fun and reasonably complex, but definitely accessible to newer gamers. (It's honestly one of my favourite games).
  • You can also go for cheap ass games, like Kill Dr. Lucky. You can find these games at or just ask your local game store.
  • Risk is good fun, and LOTR risk is even better :P
  • Camel Up is a great starter/warmup game. It's more fun than it has any right to be.
  • holy necro
  • Camel Cup is the correct name.
  • Andrew said:

    Camel Cup is the correct name.

    Nope. The designer said it was intended to be Camel Up.

  • It's intended to be Camel (C)Up so that people can argue about it constantly.
  • Why not Amel Cup.
  • A shot of Copper Camel is quite nice also.

    1oz Irish cream
    1oz butterscotch schnapps
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