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Doing High School IT Classes

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Since in my school and most schools in Saxony, Germany there is no such thing as an IT class I have been playing around with the idea of doing my own afternoon class to show them more than just Excel. I am definitely the most tech savvy person in my school except for a few who are older than me and have no time to do such a class or are just real hardcore windows users. So I am asking you for ideas what to teach them about. The obvious are Linux and HTML.


  • Fundamentals of a network: the hardware components and the protocol that makes it all work. You don't have to go as far in as the actual flags and how each packet is shaped, but enough that you should be able to figure out generally why a simple network is not working. An example would be a home network with a router, a couple computers, maybe a game console, and the internet connection.
  • Teach all the parts of a computer, how they work, and how they work together.
  • When I say no IT class I meant they did learn some stuff about computer in other classes (like the parts of a computer and simple networking) but still have no clue about Linux or Mac OSX. But how to do a home network is a great idea!
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