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Akira Trigger

edited September 2007 in Anime
Jason and I were discussing music today and I came across this surprisingly well done AMV with Akira matched to Delirium Trigger by Coheed and Cambria. Thought you guys might enjoy it.



  • Link, cuz it doesn't seem to be loading here.

    It was ok, the song fit really well, but certain parts were definitely better than others. The biggest problem was that it was only occasionally edited on the beat and not the whole time like it should have been. It also fell into that trap of literally matching the lyrics to what was happening on screen.

    But while we are on the subject of Coheed and Cambria, I must bring up the fact that, as sad as it is, there are many misguided fools in this world who do not believe that Second Stage Turbine Blade is far and away the best CaC album. I must know your opinion on this matter.
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