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I really miss Sliders. I used to watch it on SciFi channel.

There was this guy who created a device to go through different versions of our world. It had some cool characters. It focused on these 4 people, Quinn, Wade, Proffessor Arturo and Rembrant a singer. Quinn was trying to use himself as a ginuea pig for his invention and Wade and Arturo join his second test and accidently take Rembrandt with them. So they go through alternate universes till they find their own.

This was a truly great show...up until somewhere in the 3rd season things just gotten well...dumb. I did tune in still but I ended up skipping a lot I didn't care for until the last episode. Cast changes and the kromagg plot really broke it for me.

If this was an anime....That would be awesome though. I'm shopping for the DVD's online right now.


  • awww...I was hopin for some white castle discussion...mmmm, white castle.
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    Although I do love White Castle. We don't have any locations in MD. The only one I been too was in the Bronx while visiting NY.
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    I loved the first couple of Seasons. Then, when Quinn got replaced and they introduced the whole massive parallel war with the protective bubble around Earth Prime, it got a little weird. Not the plot (because I thought that itself was rather interesting) but just the show itself. Too many of the characters I had watched were gone and replaced by others... The chemistry between everyone got all mixed up; it just got to be a mess.
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  • Around season two or three is became a big Jerry O'Connell love fest and I stopped watching it.
  • I liked this show so much back in the day that I tried remaking it with Spider-Man Cartoon Maker*. Kingpin played Arturo.

    *SMCM was this program for Windows '95 where you could move around these animated .gifs basically and create these little animations starring all the Spider-Man characters. It was awesome when I was a thirteen-year-old boy.
  • I loved this show a lot too, and definitely agree that it got pretty bad at that point during the 3rd season or whenever, when the plot (and characters) basically changed completely. Have Scrym seen the show? If so, they should do a final thoughts or review episode on it, and if not they should watch it, then do a final thoughts or review episode on it.
  • I have.  I don't believe Scott has or will...
  • Back in my high school days I watched some random episodes of Sliders here and there on the sci-fi channel. Some were okish, many were crap. I'm not about to rewatch this show anytime soon, nor do I remember enough to do a show.
  • I have not seen the show since it was on TV when I was a kid, and for some reason I don't think the show would hold up to today's geek standards. I would watch the show again if it was presented to me, and I hope it would be enjoyable to my adult tastes.
  • It probably wouldn't hold up. Those who watched it during its run would be the only fans. It was the first Sci fi show I was into so I could blame it on the rose colored glasses of youth. Well I think Twilight Zone was my first when I was 6 or 7 but does it count?
  • I've never seen this show before, but I'm tempted to check it out just to see what you guys are talking about.
  • This show was a a different channel before Sci-Fi picked it up. Was it FOX perhaps?
  • Yeah I think so.
  • I loved sliders. I remember watching it when I was younger when it was on fox. It went wrong in season 3 when they introduced those fucking Cro mags. After that many of the episodes just revolved around them and it just wasn't the same. There weren't enough stand-alone episodes. There were some good episodes after season 3 but there weren't enough of them. By the way you can but the first 3 seasons fairly cheap. I picked up 1+2 in a set for $20 at Walmart. Season 3 is also $20 but unless you really like the show I wouldn't pick up past 3 since they want $45 for the 4th season which just isn't worth it. If you haven't seen the show watch it online. Buying the DVDs are probably only worth it to people who watched it back in the day.
  • I remember seeing an episode where they are trying to evacuate the population of a planet before it gets wiped out by explosive asteroids, but only a few people make it and one of the main characters dies.
  • Uh...What?!
    The style of burger that White Castle makes is known as a "slider." All of the chain "stuff-on-the-walls" restaurants (Chili's, TGI Friday, Applebee's, Ruby Tuesday, etc) all have some version of that kind of burger.

    The more you know.
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