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I didn't see a thread for it already, so I thought I'd start one. Who all here loves Claymore in either or both of its forms (manga and anime)? I got hooked on the concept of the series by the first episode of the anime, and by the time episodes two and three came out, I had bought all of the manga that had been released in North America and read them. I'm in love with so many things about this series - art style, characters, setting, pacing, AHH SO GOOD. :D

A lot of people complain that the pace the mangaka, Norihiro Yagi, writes at is too slow - one chapter per month - but I say all the better for him to pay more attention to detail in his artwork and storytelling. Granted, that makes it so that there won't be enough manga material for a second season of anime for another five years or so, but I think it's worth it for this series.

Favourite characters: Miria, Riful, Clare, Isley, Miata/Clarice (I count those two as a package deal, yes)


  • I'm up to ep. 18 right now. I hope I'll have time to finish it in the next few days. I was wondering about a 2nd season. That's too bad. I also really like the artwork in this series. By far my favorite character is Theresa, after that Clare and Miria.

    Does the manga go more in to the details of the "organization". Does it have more back story or more explanation of the Yoki?
  • When I first saw the manga, I absolutely hated the art style. All of the men look the same and have massive foreheads and the yoma looked too much like the men. As I read the manga, the art grew on me and a lot of my complaints were diminished.
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    I've watched up to about episode 16. I really liked the beginning and it has potential, but I think it's getting far to complicated to resolve well, and so I'm starting to not like it as much.
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  • We watched less than 10 episodes, but were not displeased. This show will be Netflixed one day.
  • I have seen all of the first season and desperately hope for a second one to come out, but have heard nothing as of yet. I really need to get the manga, I just haven't gotten around to it.
    As for the pacing, in the beginning I thought it had amazing pacing, but in the latter shows it was like a super long fight, with nothing happening, and right as there's like 2 minutes left I start thinking that it was a bad episode, then something happens, the fight ends or whatever, and I'm going "HOLY SHIT THAT WAS AWESOME!!!"
    So ya, it's a totally awesome show.
  • I think the show is paced pretty well. I've thought "oh get on with it" a couple times, but then they did. I'm also enjoying the music. I love that heavy guitar.
  • To the people wondering about a second season: unless the companies make up completely new material, there will probably not be enough manga to make another 26 episodes with for another three years or so. And why is that? Because the manga moves at the pace of one chapter per month. It started in 2001, and at this point, there are 74 chapters and 4 extra chapters that took the place of regular chapters while the manga was on hiatus - so 78 chapters total. The anime, not counting the last, say, three episodes because they diverged heavily from the source material, took 23 episodes to cover chapters 1-61. So for another season with at least 23 episodes worth of content derived from the source material, there need to be at least 44 more chapters of the manga. At a pace of about 12 or 13 chapters per year, that will take about three years to complete, give or take a few months. Even if the second season were only 13 episodes with 10 episodes worth of content from the source material, it will still take a little less than two years - at the most lenient - for there to be enough existing material to draw on. Waiting that long, the series buzz will probably die like it did with Berserk, making it much harder to get a second season greenlit

    But yeah, discounting all that, there could still be a second season if it were made up almost entirely of new, completely-off-from-the-manga content (which could be possible, considering how episode 26 ended). But I still doubt that, because Claymore does not strike me as a heavily successful property in the Japanese market. So a second season is possible, but not very probable.
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