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Audio recording devices at conventions

I'm listening to the Katsucon 12 episode (060222) and I thought it was funny that Rym used a tape recorder to record interviews at the con. I used to do that, too! I know Rym probably resorted to a borrowed tape player because making recordings was an afterthought , but as recently as 2005 I've used minicassette recorders on purpose. I've since switched to a portable MP3 player/recorder to do recordings at conventions. It's got 128 megs internal memory which is good enough for hours of recording depending on the quality setting. It's about half the size of an iPod and it only uses 3 AAA batteries.

What does everyone else use to record interviews and such at conventions? I wanted to know if there's any better hardware solution to this type of recording. If there are any tips to recording panels and interviews I'd like to hear those ideas, too.



  • The iRiver H10.
  • Most people use the iRiver, honestly.

    I picked up a SONY ICO-P320 for cheap at Best Buy. The quality of the audio it records will be apparant in tomorrow's episode. ^_~
  • Question for you Rym: what panel are you running at Otakon this year? And by any chance were you in the panel that filled in for missing MAHQ guys?
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    We're doing a podcast panel, and Rym is doing the usual club summit panel. Also, you can easily find us in the live-action asian cinema video room. It's usually video 7. We're almost guaranteed to be there late Saturday night, it's tradition of 4 years. Don't worry, by the time Otakon rolls around we'll have pre, during and post Otakon podcasts galore. If we ever go to other big conventions they will get the same treatment.
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  • Ok. The SONY ICO-P320 is CRAP. The device itself is fantastic. The software it REQUIRES to get the files off of it is garbage. Not only is it garbage itself, but it won't even run in Wine.

    Why, Sony, must you make a nice device at the right price, then cripple your fancy new device with garbage DRM software?
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