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Anime Bento: Anime Movie Festival 09/19/07-09/27/07

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When I was at the theaters, I saw this on one of the commercials: Anime Bento

It went by so fast for me to take down the website, however through the power of Google, it wasn't too hard to find. I got pretty excited about this. I think I'll just watch Lupin III: Castle of Cogliostro, even though I've seen it in theaters before. I am kinda interested in seeing Karas and Robotech.


  • Ok, instead of Robotech I recomend Macross. I have not watch Karas myself but after listening to AWO I do not want to see it.
  • Well the only Macross I've seen is Macross Plus, and I'm fairly satisfied with just watching that one. The only reason why I would want to see Robotech is because I was a guest liason for Harmony Gold, and iirc, they are a company that worked on it. I met Tommy Yune, who worked on it. It seemed pretty interesting from their panels that presented. I never got into Robotech, so I'm sill 50/50 on it.

    I'll have to check out the AWO podcast on Karas, even though I've never listened to them.
  • Macross Plus is awesome but as AWO said it on its 50 ep aniversary (in which they review Macross Do You Remember Love? ) , the Original Macross series had a different kind of heart than Macross Plus. I watched Robotech in spanish and there are some instances in which I was totaly lost, then I watched Macros and everything made a lot more sense. Robotech is a mixture of 3 different series into one story (it kind of works since the character designs are very similar) but as an overall story it does not hold very good. I will say that the Macross part of Robotech is the more coherent part.
    Also if you do not have time to invest in a long series I would definately Recomend Macross: Do You Remember Love? then maybe you might be see Macross with different eyes.
  • Funimation is sending my anime club four tickets to each of their screenings, so I might tag along with the people who win our raffle.
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