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It's handegg season



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    Can't stop watching this Vine and smiling because ALL HAIL LORD SCHNIEDER AND CARROL drafted OL first round and I love his reaction.

    Also white dude who is probably his agent in the background is priceless.
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  • It doesn't matter if I can't understand what this Brazilian NFL play by play guy is saying. He needs to replace Joe Buck ASAP.

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    Pretty much all American commentators need to take a lesson from exuberant foreign commentators.
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  • Ben Affleck drunkenly ranting about deflategate.
  • We doing a Pick'em league again this year?
  • Some historic handeggs today. Bucs lost 40 to 7! Jags scored some points late, but still lost 38-14. LA wins first home game since '94. New England once again reminds everyone that they don't win because of the golden boy, but because of the hoodie.

    Most importantly, G-Men 2-0! We probably aren't that good, but we're the best in our garbage division.

  • I don't usually do handegg, but my dad put me into my cousin's suicide pool. However, being to lazy to look at point spread, I went with alliteration. So I picked, Rams, Ravens, Raiders and Redskins. After going 1 for 4 on Sunday, I've been disallowed from participating in the suicide pools unless I put myself in.
  • I fucking hate the Rams.
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    I am a Green Bay fan, Miami fan, and, to a far lesser degree, a "homer" for the Rams. The bit about the Rams is in very large part to a friend who passed away this year. He was a HUGE Rams fan, even through the move. He didn't get to see them play here before he passed.

    That said, if all I get this week is a gritty win against the SeaChickens? I'll take it!
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  • So the NFL started streaming Thursday Night Football for free via Twitter:

    Quite possibly a smart move by them. Now if they can only do Monday Night Football streaming for free.
  • Our company was in possible talks to work with them on streaming i think but nothing went through.
  • G-Men not so good.
  • Welp. At least we still have hockey.
  • Didn't Giants win? If anything like that OBJ is working the kicking net thing in fun fashion.

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    Didn't Giants win? If anything like that OBJ is working the kicking net thing in fun fashion.

    We barely beat an extremely weakened opponent. At one point we had 1st down on the 1 yard line, and we got held to a field goal. OBJ and Eli only getting the big plays late in the game. Why can't we get them in the first half? Also, defense is real bad. Any real team is going to run up the score on us no problem.

    Love affair with the kicking net, though, A+. Not as good as salsa dancing, though. Cruz gotta get in the end zone.
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    Yeah, Dallas is looking legit in your division. Right now I'm hoping Seahawks continue with this dominating game.

    *knocks on wood*

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  • Last time I remember a tie game in the NFL it was Donovan McNabb saying he didn't know games could end in a tie. Leave it to an Eagle to not know the rules of the game.

    Pretty much everything today, handegg and otherwise, was great. Except those same piece of shit Eagles beat the Vikings. Seriously Minnesota? You beat everyone except the one team I want you to beat the most? WTF.
  • Not to mention 2 shanked chip shots in overtime.
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    Unbelievable. Seriously. Great defenses, but Jesus Fucking Christ. I still don't know how to feel.

    I really wonder if that was a TD by AZ. If so, huge miss by refs.
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  • HAHAHAHA TIE GAME AGAIN! Another missed field goal. I wish Cinci could have won, though. But hey, Washington not winning is good for the G-Men in the bye week.
  • Hearthstone world champs are way more exciting than these 1 o'clock games. 4 o'clock looks better. Night game is trash.
  • Oooh, two NYC specific holidays are on the same day this year. It's the NYC Marathon as well as Fuck the Eagles day!
  • MVP of the Game: Squirrel.
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    Damnit. Why didn't I think of it first?
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