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Anime Con in Philadelphia

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So, there's a relatively new con in Philadelphia in November and I was wondering if anyone had heard about it or was planning on attending. Tandokucon ( is only in its second year, though as a Philly resident I plan to attend and likely even volunteer.


  • I heard of it at ANN a while back. Being that its young I'm not sure if its worth traveling from D.C.
  • Yea, there has been a bunch of mystery about this con. Being a resident of the suburbs of Philadelphia, I have been involved with zenkaikon which takes place October 13th and was a nice one day festival last year. I'm still debating whether I am going to go to Tandokucon, I had offered to run an anime club summit/FAQ there but was unable to commit as I was not sure whether I was going to go. I will however be at Zenkaikon, working the game room.
  • I saw the guest list and I'd kind of like to go, but since a) it's the weekend before AUSA, b) they haven't been entirely forthcoming with stuff, and c) they're for-profit, which is a big turnoff, I think I'll pass.
  • Awesome. I've bought tickets to Zenkaikon. I've never been to an anime con before, so I decided to test the waters with a local one. If I don't get too creeped out, I'll check out Tandokucon.
  • I will however be at Zenkaikon, working the game roomWhat can we expect (Burning Wheel perhaps)?
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