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Secret of Mana

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The key to winning is the correct usage of AI patterns and the ability to have a grasp of the general combat situation and change characters as needed. Generally it is knowing when to change to the Sprite to cast attack spells, change to the Girl to cast heals, then change back to the Boy to wale on an enemy with a weapon.


  • The problem is that Scott has trouble with, oh, the part of the game before you even have other party members...

    He died numerous times against the first monster you ever fight. Numerous times.
  • That big preying mantis isn't the first guy you fight. You fight some rabites before that.

    But the point is that preying mantis boss is a huge pain. He uses a bunch of undodgeable big damage attacks. It seems like the only option really is to die and get auto-revived a bunch of times.

    When a game starts right off with an extremely annoying almost senseless 5 minutes of boss battle it doesn't make you want to keep playing. But I'll get to the point where there is a partner so rym can help and maybe it will be easier and more fun then.

    What I hate the most is waiting for attacks to recharge to 100%. If the game was swing away like zelda it would be 1000 times better.
  • What is Secret of Mana?

  • The more I read about how you play SoM, the more I am convinced that you deserve everything that you got out of it.
    That whole waiting for it to reach 100%? That's just for making a charged up attack. You can swing away just like in Zelda. And have you tried hitting the Ant from behind? While you can't dodge its attack spells, staying behind it should help a bit from the regular attacks.
  • Behind eh... I didn't think of that. But it seems like if I try to swing away like zelda it doesn't do any damage. Even against a rabite it seems like swinging at less than 100% doesn't do enough damage. I have to figure out the correct percentage to swing at in order to kill the guys as fast as possible. That extra amount of effort is where I mess up.
  • Thank you Rym, for that. That screen brings back such fond and bittersweet memories.
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    That game looks pretty, but it is a "real" video game rather than just a slightly interactive movie, thus requiring true video gaming skills--something I lack and do not have time to develop at the moment.

    It looks shiny and fun... maybe after the wedding and/or graduation.

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  • Shiny and fun indeed, only replace them with tedious and painful. Make no mistake, this is an old-school game, in the sense that it is difficult, arbitrary, and capricious. You have been warned. ;^)
  • Umm... Anyone remember fighting Lich. Best part the music!
  • Oh yeah I remember. That was all part of the last big push that my brother and I did to finish the game one night. I don't know, though. I personally liked the final boss music.
  • Secret of Mana rocked my face!! When you're a kid in middle school you have time to do all the grinding up of your spells and weapons, anyways.
  • Totally. I played Final Fantasy I, IV, and VI incessantly back in the day. Levelling for hours and hours outside of Elf town to buy that silver sword...

    Ahh.. Good days.
  • Stupid Marsh Cave.
  • FFI - that game was such a bitch. Of course, I had it when I was REALLY little, so I played it with the help of my dad. The bad part came 8 years later when my sister, mistakenly thinking there was more than one save slot, overwrote my level 47 party that was just about to kill Chaos. Yeah.
  • I hope you never let her forget that.

    I've been on a huge FF3 kick again lately, having once again located my correctly translated ROM. The race is now to beat it before the DS version comes out.

    What have people got in their game rotation these days? I'm curious.
  • I've got Fire Emblem (GBA), Tales of Symphonia (GC), Skies of Arcadia (DC), and Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny (old-school DOS German RPG).
  • I just finished Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time, and might be willing to send it to any other DS owner for the cost of shipping. It's a fun game, but it's got no replay value.
  • Hmmm... That gives me an idea, actually...

    Maybe, either now or later when there are more people here, we could set up a "trade games with eachother" thread.
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    Currently in my game list:

    Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GC), Pikmin(GC), Advance Wars(DS)

    I'm a big fan of the "buy interesting games a year or more after they're released when they're in used/bargain bins" strategy.

    Battle for Wesnoth (which, for those of you unfamiliar with it, is an awesome free strategy game that I enjoy a little too much) is at a low ebb at the moment, but remains interesting. I'm intending to get Trauma Center for the DS one of these days.

    I've also got the translated FF3 to play(thanks Pete), but TuxNES ate my save game. I need to find a Linux emulator that doesn't do that.
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  • I use FCEU as my Linux NES emulator and ZSNES for SNES.
  • I have to give props to the FCEU as an excellent NES emulator; it's very very basic, and very reliable. Never had it crash or eat a save game or anything. A bit sparse feature-wise, but it does what an emulator needs to do.

    ZSNES goes without saying.
  • Trauma Center, Nintendogs and mostly Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire for me...damned mind worms...
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