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"Big" Threads

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A comment recently posted brought me to this thought: How many "Epic" or "Big" threads are there on the Front Row Crew Forums? So with this goal in mind, I went through all 2857 threads (just the top index pages) to find out. Many threads never reach higher than 10 posts. Most of the threads hit between 30-70 posts. There are however a few huge threads (not counting the 3 of 4 Stickies).

Surprisingly the over 100 club is far and few between. There have been only 8 (not counting the Stickies which are really their own special group). I expected most of the Flamewar threads to easily have crossed 100. Flamewars did have 1 threads that made it over 100, however that also means that the other 67 Flamewar threads didn't. And on top of that, that one Flamewar was the smallest of the treads to reach the mark. The largest thread beat it out by 5 times. I thought "well surely that's a write-in thread" much like the stickies that are on top. But glancing through it, the thread was filled with actual discussion. On a different note, Politics, Video Games and the Everything Else categories divided up the group at 2 a piece. Leaving Forum Games with the last one. Just some interesting info.

Also of note - of the 4 editable Stickies, all reach over 100. The only exception is a very recent creation - IDShare.

Bare statstics and links to the rest of the threads below.

Bitter Food Divisions
Posts: 103 posts Category: Flamewars Started by: hungryjoe Started on: Aug 10th 2007

Why geeks play Warcraft
Posts: 113 posts Category: Everything Else Started by: The wired Started on: Jul 25th 2006

GeekNights 061102 - US Midterm Elections
Posts: 123 posts Category: Politics Started by: Rym Started on: Nov 2nd 2006

Three Words Game!
Posts: 143 posts Category: Forum Games Started by: Rooster Started on: Nov 9th 2006

Gun Control?
Posts: 154 posts Category: Politics Started by: WaterIsPoison Started on: Apr 17th 2007

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Posts: 167 posts Category: Video Games Started by: Li_Akahi Started on: Jul 11th 2007

Why people Think Rym & Scott are Gay.
Posts: 273 posts Category: Everything Else Started by: Thaed Started on: Jul 28th 2006

and the biggest "Epic" thread:
Pokemon is Going VOIP! -
Posts: 532 posts Category: Video Games Started by: HMTKSteve Started on: Mar 16th 2007


  • You know, I can figure this information out so much more easily. Don't waste your time. Next time, just ask me "Hey, Scott, what are the biggest threads?" I can type like, one command to find out.
  • Eh, I like the hunt.

    That and at the moment I'm rather bored at work and played all my flash games to death.

  • That and at the moment I'm rather bored at work and played all my flash games to death.
    For some reason I really like Ring Pass Not lately.
  • Wow. Good job gathering that info.
  • Just curious question for Scott & Rym (who I assume has alot more info about this forum that can be gleamed from loking on our end): Do you notice any trends in the forums? That is, in term of forum mechanics (I think I just made up a term). Anything other forum moderators should take note of?
  • hmmm... I missed The Burden Of Proof...On God?
    Posts: 214 posts Category: Flamewars Started by: Sail Started on: Jan 8th 2007

    My question though was more along the lines of trends. Sorta like Rym's "formula for a 5 on Slashdot" but on normal forums, if large threads tend to drag on where as short threads get more to the point, or even just forum management from a moderator perspective.
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