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How old is too old to go to cons?

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I've been to comic cons and computer cons and a variety of other cons and there are a lot of young people. Excluding the older people who are ostensibly serving in a role at the con as "parents," how old is to old to go to an anime or other such con? At what point does one get stares for being the "creepy old guy?" It seems to me that if you were 40 and there doing cosplay and you ran into the bored parent of a 16 year old (who is there for cosplay) and the parent starts giving you the evil eye, you might ask yourself: "Self, what the heck am I doing here? (and why am I dressed like Link?)"


  • I don't think you can ever be too old in years to go to a convention. It all depends on the convention and the person. There are creepy 13 year old guys at anime cons, and there are also plenty of cool 40+ year-olds. It all depends on how well you fit in with the atmosphere, and if you have fun.
  • I like that answer a lot. I've often thought if I ever wanted to do cosplay at this point I'd have to go as Master Keaton. ;)
  • The parents who stare are you like that are just dead inside. Their children ate their innards a long time ago.
  • I was thinking "No old is too old"
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    yea, as long as you are not 40 and hitting on the 13 year olds you should be just fine. In fact I've been enjoying con's more now that I'm older. (probably because it's rare out of college to be surrounded by so many geeks ^_^)

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  • I could see myself being 40 and going to a con. Fandom here isn't that old I mean when we're 40 there’s going to be other 40 year olds playing video games. So why not see 40 years olds at cons. As more years pass by we’re going to see the average age of con goers go up. I'll probably stop going to cons when all my other friends stop going.
  • I'm 26 and just getting ready to go to my very first con this summer. I was a geeky little kid by myself but I moved a lot when I was little and never got into any groups long enough to learn about a lot of stuff. I'm making it up for it this summer, though. I've got an internship in Maryland so I'm heading to Otakon and bringing my little sister along with me. Gotta spread the love to the next generations, ya know?
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    If you ever feel too old to attend cons I suggest you look into staffing a con. It plugs you into an older and more "with it" fan base than your hoards screaming narutards. Hey, it worked for me.
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  • I don't think there is an age that is too old. There is, however, an age when it is too old to dress up and flirt with teenage girls.
  • Depends on the con.
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    Your never to old.
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    I don't think there is an age that is too old. There is, however, an age when it is too old to dress up and flirt with teenage girls.
    There should probably be a rule in con booklets about what age is acceptable for old people to hit on underage people. Because I don't think these people know. ^_^
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  • I don't think theres a way to be too old. If you enjoy something your age should not effect the decision.
  • I think that you can really never be. Its just that as you get older you sort of need to move from an attendee of a con, to being someone that either works for/at the con, or have a table in the artist alley or something.
  • You're too old when you start to complain about everything new coming out.
  • You're too old when you start to wonder if maybe you're too old to be going to a con. If you're 90 and don't think you're too old great! If you're 20 and think you're too're weird, but apparently too old to be going to the con.
  • Really this is interesting seeing that when I went to my first con(Project A-Kon) at age 15(now I'm 24)I was one of the youngest people there and the average age was approximately 25ish and there were plenty of over 30 or 40 year olds there. It's really only been recently that I've noticed con's being a younger crowd. Since con's, to me anyways, have always had lots of people older then me I really don't find it odd to see 35 year olds cosplaying. With fandom I really don't think age matters.
  • 90ish or when you are about to die. Come on what are you doing here, you are suppose to be at hope resting in peace :P
  • I'm 17 and me (and a unnamed friend) are going to "Abunai!". A dutch con (note their English website) "Abunai" is japanese for "watch out!".
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