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Need Advice regarding Distance Education

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I'm looking in to some schools and found a distance ed place (CD-ED or something, I'll look later) - they've got a 3D Animation course, supply me with a computer, 3d Max, Photoshop, and the "schooling" (Which I'm sure is "Read this book, have a deadline for project) - totalling about $10 000.
Is this shady, or is it something I should actually look in to?


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    Search online for the name of the school to see if anyone else had problems. Also look to see if their degrees are worth anything by emailing the school or calling them to see what subjects are covered. If you also have the name of the book try to get it from your library and see what it covers. If anything if the school is good you can be a little ahead when the online classless start. I would also recommend trying online courses from colleges or universities. They seem to be a little better than some of these job only focused schools. From looking at their site it seems ok but I would do a lot more research and check out other options before doing this. 10,000 is a lot of money to get something that may or may not be worth anything. Plus you may find a better program somewhere else. Also request as much info as you can from each school.
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  • 10,000 is cheap enough that I don't think they're offering a degree, just the training, but if that's the case, I don't think it's worth it. You are better off learning on your own. 3ds Max is a 3,500 dollar program, but I'm sure there's a free student learning edition (I know there's one for Maya), which is what most schools use anyways (student version that is). You can find a good book, like 3ds Max 9 Bible for $35. Also, I can't recommend tutorials enough. I think it's $300 a year for access to all their video tutorials and exercise files, although they don't have much on 3ds Max in particular. Of course, all of this could be attained for free, if you knew where to look and didn't want to spend anything. I guess if you are still considering it though, I would find out what versions of software they are using and if they're up to date, as well as if the credits our transferable (in case you want to further your education elsewhere).
  • I think if I'm going to be doing any kind of animation/art business here I'll be going to the AI in Vancouver.
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