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The Best Geek/Gaming movie ever (Besides Tron)

edited September 2007 in Movies
There is an awesome documentary in the theaters right now called The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters. It is about the quest for the highest score on the original Donkey Kong arcade game and the rivalries between two great players. It is a compelling, funny, exciting, suspenseful, and moving documentary and a contender for the best movie of 2007. I strongly recommend everybody go and see it, right it.

If you already have seen it, I am interested to hear if anybody else thought it was as great as I did. URL:


  • I heard of it but didn't see it yet. So it's an indie theater release? Time to head to E street D.C. then!
  • I'll keep my eyes open for it. Thanks!
  • Another movie coming out that is somewhat on these lines is Fanboys. That movie looks awesome, but it's been pushed back for years.
  • The movie just came out on DVD last Tuesday. I would highly recommend obtaining a copy to watch (renting, or buying because it is that good). It is a little overpriced right now if you want to buy it new ($23.99 at most retailers), but it should come down after a little while. I know I want to watch it again soon, too bad it was not nominated for an Oscar.
  • Warning: Please try to restrain yourself from punching the TV whenever Billy Mitchell appears on screen. Trust me, the temptation will be frequent.
  • Good point. But you are allowed to cheer when Mike Weibe comes on screen!
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