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Anime Clubs, and the foundation thereof

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So me and a friend were talking over a pile of buffalo wings and we decided we should start an Anime Club on campus (University of Iowa, if you're interested). There's kind of one already but I talked to the guy who's supposed to be running it and he's kind of let it die for what he says is lack of interest.

Well goddamn if that's going to stop us. Trouble is I've never started a group like this from the ground up. Iowa isn't a terribly geeky school but I'm sure the interest is there if we can find it. Any ideas/recommendations on how to spread the word? Once we get it running again how do you recomment keeping it vibrant and interesting for those involved? Any advice would be appreciated.


  • That's a question for Cremlian, the expert on such matters.
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    gees.. Where to start.

    First off, since it's the end of the school year, I'd start planning to try and get a club started for next year. So if you can't just take over the old club, you'll have to make sure it's either been disolved or you can take over it. Because most schools don't want duplicate clubs.. (unless you're a christian organization) You'll probably need 10 people to express interest.

    If you have two or three other people willing to help organize you should start planning ahead for next year. Getting a room set up and a time and place, and then you'll want to have a organizational meeting at the beginning of the school year, that's when you'll be able to draw the biggest crowd of people (freshmen) before they get swept up into it.

    Anyhow, IM me sometime at Astralwand (AIM) and I can discuss further.
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  • Sounds good. The guy who ran it before still has standing reservations for a room with a projector and there seems to be a fair amount of interest on facebook (being there makes me feel dirty). He sounded excited at the prospect of me helping him run the group so I'll try to meet with him before break and we can get our ducks in a row for the fall semester.
    What do you recommend for good anime for someone who isn't already a fan? Cowboy Bebop was my gateway drug but what else do you think would be a good introduction?
  • just to name a few:
    utena the movie (very pretty)
    kodomo omocha
    any miyazaki movie, even the one about the tanukis with big testicles
    samurai champloo (if they haven't seen it on adult swim)

    And btw make sure you have post up posters around campus and have a website. Advertising is always important.
  • It won't be a concern initially, but once we have more than 20 or so members, you'll need to start getting legal permission from the publishers to show their anime. Luckily, they almost always allow it if you ask (and don't charge money or anything silly like that).

    The key thing to remember, in general, is to keep the club about more than just the anime. The social aspect should be first and foremost. People can rent Netflix or download fansubs and watch them alone in their dorms: you can't sell them a club just on the showing of anime.

    The social atmosphere is your biggest asset. A funny show is 10 times funnier in a crowd. You need to convince possible members that seeing a show at club is -better- than seeing it alone in your tiny, smelly dorm room. ;^)
  • Coincidentally I just listened to your favorite anime show and you said that Initial D was awesome in a group. I've never seen the show but it sounds pretty okay. I'll have to bring that up at our organizational meeting. Thanks for the advice, keep it coming!
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    This isn't a good sign, is it?
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  • At least it's not all bad.
  • A group session of self flagellation with wet noodles and a diet of only cheese snacks will set your club back on track.
  • It's an anime club. They are watching anime. That in and of itself wouldn't make me complain. They are also all over the spectrum there.
  • I think that's actually really good, you want your anime club to show a bit of everything. That's how I got into so much diverse stuff that I probably never wouldn't have tried.
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    well, its about 70% good, which is pretty baller.
    You can probably skip Hyouka & Spice and Wolf.
    You can definitely skip Gargantia(Seriously, fuck that show)
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  • Ok, I guess I just didn't know most of those and some of the one's I saw scared me.
  • Definitely more trust for person(s) in charge of S2 over S1, but even S1 had penguindrum & another, both of which come recommended to me by not horrifying people
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