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GeekNights 071003 - Getsumen To Heiki Mina

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Tonight on GeekNights, we talk about Getsumen To Heiki Mina and, briefly, CB Chara Go Nagai World. In the news, we're going to be guests at the New York Anime Festival, which is also hosting an interesting COSplay, and Tintin is going to be a movie.
Scott's Thing - In Search of Steve Ditko

Rym's Thing - Pyrats


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    The director of this one is the same as Moetan. Now, I am scared. But then again the director of Seven of Seven ( which is funny)  is Yatsuhiro Imagawa who made Giant Robo. I better listen to the podcast before judging. But still, I am scared :S
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  • Is that a renaming of the Big Apple Anime Fest?
  • Is that a renaming of the Big Apple Anime Fest?
    God no.
  • FYI: "Some guy called Johnathan Ross" is also responsible for the series "Japanorama"
    If the video keeps getting taken down just link to the youtube search.
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    After watching Pyrats I must say that it was awesome and the animation is very similar to the one used on the late 90s in america such as El Dorado, Tarzan, etc.
    After listening to the review of Mina, it seems that is not for me. I personally have not watch it but the plot pulls me away from it. Then again I am a hater against bunny girls but I would rather watch Gekiganger 3.
    Also Rym how can you like Kujubiki Unbalance, please give me some good points from the series shown on the Genshiken series?
    Well, I better go check the Go Nagai chibi series but in the mean time is up to me to re-invindicate Go Nagai with this short and sweet special.
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    Sorry, am I missing something, or is there a reason Scott's 'news' is an article from 2002?

    EDIT: Google says the actual article he was reading from is this one, and it's just that Scribe Moffat has joined the team making the films. Which is really kinda meh in my opinion.
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