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John Carter, Warlord of Mars

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Pixar is looking to make a John Carter, Warlord of Mars movie. If done well, it could be teh awesome. I have some reservations, because it's been tried before only to be shelved due to the complications of filming.

If you've never read them, the John Carter books are kinda like a cross between Tarzan and Conan. Carter is a fightin' fool, but he is very noble and concerned with his moral code.

Carter spends most of his time on Mars (Barsoom) laying eight foot tall four armed green fighting men, rescuing naked princesses and generally being awesome.

There are eleven John Carter books in all. Michael Whelan did the covers for them in a series that were available in the early eighties. Here's a sample:


You should definitely read these books. Start with A Princess of Mars. You won't be disappointed.
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