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Rolled a 20

edited May 2006 in Movies
So, it looks like Rym rolled that natural 20 after all.

EDIT: (Crap, this is what I get for posting before the podcast ended.)


  • haha, pwn3d.
  • So did he or didn't he say that the originals would never be put out on DVD? I almost feel dirty for even contributing to the hype.

    I never bought the movies in any form over the past 26 years because watching them repeatedly in the drive ins and movie theaters as a kid when they came out was good enough for me. Seeing the special editions on the big screen again back in '97 was a nice bonus. The theater experience is my favorite way of seeing Star Wars and even a nice home theater presentation seems anti climactic.

    I wouldn't watch the old movies for any reason other than nostalgia. This will be the most nostalgia driven release in the history of home video. It's nice to have the option available but I'll get by on the cut scenes in the Rogue Squadron games on my Gamecube when I want my Star Wars fix.
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