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GeekNights 071018 - Questions Week: Everything

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Tonight on GeekNights, we finish Questions Week with, well, everything that didn't fit into the first three nights. If your question didn't get answered, rest assured that it likely will at some point in the nearing future, as we ended up recording a whole week's worth of bonus content.


  • After searching for "Rym" "Rym name" "Origin Rym" "Origin Rym Name" in all categories, I still can't find a thread re: the "stage name"
  • Once again this was an awesome episode.
    It's always cool to here how various groups are formed in University etc.  Has anyone from the Front Row Crew contributed alot to a Geek Nights episode or would it be too much of a headache / require you to edit etc.  Obviously Emily seems to be in t he same room as you guys on a number of episodes.
    Congratualtions on the pay rise, that's huge!
    Thanks for the podcast reccomendations, they were great.
  • MDFMK was a band formed by a couple former members of KMFDM after the original band broke up. After a couple years, the members of MDFMK reunited with some of the other members of KMFDM, ditched MDFMK, and restarted KMFDM. It's kind of complicated.

    p.s. - How do you keep up with memes? Do you just pick them up from Fark/Digg/Slashdot?

  • p.s. - How do you keep up with memes? Do you just pick them up from Fark/Digg/Slashdot?
  • MitchyD: Here is a thread I found about Rym's name for you.

  • I just listened to this episode today, so I think I'll field the Slayer question.

    If you had to own just one Slayer album, I'd say go with either Reign in Blood or South of Heaven. I'd lean towards SoH because that album fully and completely encapsulates what Slayer is; it's really when they came into their own, quite a bit like Metallica did with Master of Puppets (and ...And Justice for All, which I think is the more quintessential 'tallica album). Reign in Blood is very very good old-school thrash metal, but not all of it has the true Slayer flair. If you can own TWO Slayer albums, get Reign in Blood and South of Heaven and never look back.

    I love Slayer, but one complaint with the band is that they kind of hit their formula, much like AC/DC; most of their music is just extremely similar sounding, to the point that God Hates Us All and Christ Illusion could pretty much be the same album. I love their one thing, but it's really all they have.

    So, if you like 80's thrash, you can get away with just RiB, but SoH is really Slayer's masterpiece, when they really fleshed out what the band was all about.
  • Rym: "I've also studied martial arts, and there's something that I..."
    Scott: "You've studied martial arts? You took Kung Fu class at RIT for like 10 weeks!"

    This argument made me laugh way more than it should have (hitting the archives pretty hard right now). This and the time he got his bike back may be the only times Rym references his martial arts mastery.
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