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Gall Force: Good?

edited October 2007 in Anime
I just finished watching the first OVA disc of Gall Force, titled Eternal Story.

Info :

I don't really know what happened. I don't mean in the show, I mean with the characters. I may do spoilers without realizing it, so careful.

The characters seem to do things that are stupid, to an extent that they border on retarded. They make choices that seem to extreme or melodramatic for no explained reason. And most, if not all, of them, lead to the death of the character.

The first one to do this is the character of the fighter pilot (I don't remember any of their names). First, she disobeys orders to not land on the ship, but does, totally smashing up about 3 fighters in the process. She's also crash, for what seems almost no reason. She also takes off just as the ship is about to launch into light speed, when she could have made it back in time. But, she didn't and died.

The second is the character with the pink hair thats good at computers. She says behind as the ship is about to blow up to get information from the computer about another crew member, who is an android. The computer reveals that the android is important for the survival of the race, but, in the next scene, the andriod gives up her life to open the doors for the escape pod to launch. Not that important, huh? It's also not mentioned anymore for the rest for the disc.

The final two are the two surviving adult members of the team. Along the way, they pick up a new life form (I won't ruin the whole thing) and they want to protect it. Both of the armies are trying to get this life form. So, of course, to do so, they BLOW UP THE PLANET (while the new life form and the little girl escape in some ship). For really no reason.

Maybe I missed a few. But, overall, I think I got them all.

Another thing is how quick people seem to want to shoot each other. They shoot at others, and sometimes their own team, at the drop of a hat. No hesitation.

If anyone wants to explain, or if it gets better, please say something. I don't want to waste time on another disc if it's horrible.


  • I do not know but Gerald says it is good.
  • I think Gerald actually said that it was one of his favorite animes.
  • I think Gerald actually said that it was one of his favorite animes.
    I know, that's why I rented it, but maybe I should watch more of it before deciding. I just didn't understand the actions of the characters. They didn't seem to follow any stream of logic, at least from what I could see.
  • I'm sorry, but nostalgia prevents me from viewing that series with anything like objectivity.
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