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Across the Universe

edited October 2007 in Movies
I just saw this movie tonight and oh-my-freaking-god was it amazing! For those of you who haven't seen it, go see it NOW! The music is superb, the art is beautiful, and the images are trippy and occasionally creepy. The story is not cliched, which I expected it to be, and the characters are incredibly interesting. Seriously, go see this movie.

Those of you who have seen it, what did you think?


  • I heard it was only decent, and definitely could have been done better. Of course, that's only what I've heard.
  • Not to sound dim, but this is related to the Beatles song, right?
  • I saw the movie, and thought it was alright. I mean, I loved the look of the movie and the sound of the music, but I saw it only serve the purpose of a long music video. And for every hallucination-like part (mostly for "I want you") they didn't have to make the majority of the lyrics fit to the visuals.
  • Not to sound dim, but this is related to the Beatles song, right?
    Yeah. The premise of the movie is that it is an entire story, plot, characters, everything, and all the dialogue is lyrics from Beatles songs. I haven't seen it, bur some of my friends were really excited about it.
  • Listen to Please Please Me backwards at 33 1/3 rpm. Paul clearly says, "Hey John, let's kick HungryJoe out of the band and steal all his good ideas."

    Those boys have an ass-kickin' comin' to 'em.
  • Just watched it, mediocre at best.
  • If you like musicals this will be your cup of tea. Otherwise it won't impress you.
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