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Akira Bike

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I've been waiting years for one of these and they have finally made one.
Akira bike
I don't know about you people but $2100 for this is cheap in my eyes.


  • Now all we need is a clown, and we can fulfill all of our deepest fantasies.  Well, fantasy, really.
  • While there is a design similarity, this is not Kaneda's bike. Nobody will be afraid of you if you are riding this thing.
  • But given its general layout how long before someone mods the outside into Kanedas bike? All the bits are in roughly the right place. Though horsepower might be a bit lacking.
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    All you need is some red paint and it becomes


    And if you then add in some dark shading, and stickers

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  • Sorry about that, I'm not really sure how to post pics.
  • This image is the button you're looking for.
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    Thank you.
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  • Back in the day I saw some modded quasars and other FF bikes with bigger engines that looked better and meaner
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    I like the second one better. It has all of the grunge and the bumper stickers that make it look more authentic. I'm not really a bike fan, but I really do like Kaneda's bike. I would rather ride that bike than say, Cloud's bike.
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