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Cowboy Bebop



  • Cowboy Funk is awesome because it shows that even situations with Spike can be comical and not always serious. The animosity and rivalry he has with Andy is amusing to me, especially when you see them running up a slanted glass roof/side of building. Spike is so stubborn because he refuses to lose to him when in essence Spike is similar to Andy in many ways.

    Plus the ending where Teddy the Bomber is telling the policeman the reason for his bombings was in protest of people being excessive/wasteful with building such tall structures. It was an intriguing concept to think about when I first watched it.

    As per Wikipedia, the character Cowboy Andy is an homage to the character "Nobody" played by Terence Hill in Tonino Valerii's film "My Name is Nobody".
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    Cowboy Funk is funny because Andy is such a fun character. He's annoying, yes, but he's Spike's penultimate rival. Watching someone who can compete with Spike is extremely entertaining in my mind.

    Then again, everything Ro said is true as well.
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  • Edward at least fit the show because Edward is quirky and having a weird episode staring him was quite a nice break half way through the series.
    It is perhaps worth mentioning that Ed's a girl.
  • Andy is a literary foil for Spike. The difference between the two characters is tragedy. There but for the grace of god goes Spike.
  • yeah i agree with you...


    The Big Bang Theory DVD
  • Got a good chuckle out of me

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