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Episode 24 - Meuterer, Nanostray and evil fanboys

edited December 2005 in Video Games
Have you ever known someone who thinks they are all cool because they have something nobody else has? If you listened to the podcast you already know how much these people bother me. They think they are so special because they have some rare item and they refuse to share it with the world. I say, if you don't share it what's the point of having it? It might as well not exist if it is just sitting uselessly in your collection.

Have you known people like this? I'm sure we can get some funny stories about them.


  • I think their was a little bit of a disconnect in this show, you talked about the evil/elitest fanboy aspect in two sections of the show. While it is a good topic, it is probably better suited to being a potenial thursday topic. That would allow you more time to relate stories and have more editorial content.

    And don't worry about the length, I like it when the show runs longer and I think it's great when the show approaches one hour, since I can listen while I work, so I try to have a list of 8 hours of podcasts each day. Along that line, anybody know anyone looking for a pre-press profesional or a printer?
  • Honestly, we didn't expect to have so much to say about the fanboys. It was intended to be a short blurb and some comments, followed by the rest of the episode.
  • The biggest issue I see with fanboys isn't so much that they're assholes in and of themselves; anyone is allowed to enjoy a particular geekdom however they so choose, regardless of whether or not I like their particular method of enjoying said geekdom.

    The issue is that the fanboy does not believe in that statement, and will do anything and everything to poo-poo on someone else's enjoyment of a geekdom. They wind up driving people AWAY rather than bringing in new people to enjoy their geekdom, because they don't WANT new people enjoying said geekdom. It's an elitist mentality, and it really winds up giving people outside of the particular geekdom an unfair view of those within said geekdom, thus hedging out other potential geeks.

    In other words, share. Don't be a fanboy, because you'll only drive people away and wind up being a selfish asshole. And then a large man with a predisposition to not liking you may break several of your bones to express his displeasure with your chosen course of action.
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