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I have hope for the Dragonball Z Movie

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Yea, I know . . . DBZ movie. Who would watch the live-action one? Bla bla. I have 2 words that will change your unquestioning dismissal to a ray of hope. Stephen Chow. The guy that made Shaolin Soccer and Kung-Fu Hustle is directing. The potential for awesomeness is over 9,000.

Source: Wired


  • I am a fan of Stephen Chow....but still. I can't imagine this as a good movie. I think the awesome potential is 0.
  • ......
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    I don't think you can succesfully turn "IT'S OVER NINETHOUSAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!" into a live action movie.

    Then again
    has signed on to play bad guy Piccolo in the upcoming Dragon Ball Z movie.
    Were Goku and Piccolo still on opposing sides in Dragon Ball Z? I only know from the Radditz saga. At which they were rivals, not enemies...
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  • Yea this is definitely based on the original Dragonball not Dragonball z. You'd think they'd use the right terminology in a new article.
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    If they call it Dragon Ball Z and base it of of the first part of Dragon Ball (the original series), they will lose all geek cred.
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  • I'm pretty sure the simple fact they're making a Dragonball Z movie means they never had any geek cred to begin with. Thats just my opinion though
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    Man, the dude casted for Piccolo is James Master from Buffy and Angel's fame. I think it can work as long as Steve Chow is at the helm of it.
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  • Ugh... which live action do I wanna see?
    The Magic Begins or this new movie?
  • It will be back but like Beverley hill Chihuahua it will appeal the kids.
    This makes me remember this
  • So, this movie looks like pretty much the worst thing ever.
    Most definitely, oh and could Goku be any more wooden in the trailer?
  • It will appeal to those who are drawn to generic action movies.
    It will not appeal to any actual fans of the series because they forgot one crucial thing about Dragon Ball: that despite all the action, power levels, transformations, giant explosions, etc. it is at its core a comedy. Even when the action is at its most intense, Toriyama always threw a poop joke in there somewhere.
    This is evident as soon as Goku opens his mouth. Gone is the optimistic and ready to face any challenge man-child; instead he is replaced by a generic, emo, reluctant action hero. That being said, I will probably see this movie in some way or some form, but only if I don't have to pay for it.
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