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Rym & Scott's Time Management.

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I thought I had it figured out. These guys work full time, spend 4 of their week nights podcasting and play board games and watch Anime on the weekends. I figured they pulled off this daunting schedule at the expense of women. But now Rym says that's not the case. In addition to everything else they do, they find time for that too. I give up.

I'm very into squeezing every minute out of every day. So I'd like to see a 7 day breakdown of an average Rym and Scott week, from the moment they wake up to the second they go to sleep. I need to know how they stuff so much into normal human lives.


  • Who said they were human?
  • Average work day:

    Wake up
    Shower/Internet/Get dressed/Get shit together/Make lunch/Update iPod
    Commute/listen to podcasts and music
    Work/Internet/Lunch/listen to podcasts/etc.
    Commute/listen to podcasts
    dinner while watching dvds or downloaded videos
    read comics/play DS/read books

    Average weekend day:

    wake up
    constant geekery
    constant geekery
    constant geekery

    Things like laundry, dishes, shopping, cleaning, etc. occasionaly replace small amounts of geekery.

    Where do the ladies fit in? They follow our schedule when in our midst. They geek right along side us, especially at conventions. The best is when they shower and sleep with us. It is also great when they aid in a culinary fashion.

    Of course, Rym currently has a relationship with a lady who is currently in Japan.

    I have been looking, albeit not very hard, for a lady for a few years now. I think I'm just too picky. There have been a few opportunities, but they fell through most because of my lack of effort. If I actually didn't geek so much I could definitely find one. I'll let one more convention season go by, and if I don't meet anyone at any cons I'll start trying to find one the old fashioned way. I just really don't want to sacrifice any geeking. I need to find someone who will geek with me, and I'll be set.

    By the way, if you're a 21-25ish year-old female interested in a geeky relationship with a geeky guy, you know where to find me.
  • .... Missed chances... due to lack of effort... Understatement ^_^
  • Yeah understatement. One of these days.

    Also, I think I just realized one of the keys to getting all the shit done I do. Multitasking. We do as much shit simultaneously as possible.
  • RymRym
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    wake up
    internet, webcomics, email, messages
    internet/talk to Emily in Japan
    dick around at work
    run a few miles or ride my bike
    watch anime
    play board games
    cook dinner
    watch anime/movies (usually while lifting weights or otherwise exercising)
    often, play some video games
    play my piano for a while
    internet/talk to people
    paperwork (bills, forms, general economic maintenance)
    play DS


    wake up
    internet, webcomics, email, messages
    hang out, relax
    go out for a long bike/hike
    watch some shows
    play several board games/video games
    possibly drive up the road (shopping, eating out, etc...)
    internet again
    sometimes a night run
    DS games

    Weekend where several friends come over:

    wake up
    constant, unmitigated geekery of all sorts
    some sleep
    resumed constant, unmitigated geekery of all sorts
    work the next Monday

    We tend to multitask, so making a list like this was actually fairly difficult. Hanging out, talking, and anything like that occurs pretty-much constantly throughout -all- of the above. Of course, many weekends we go out of town for crazy geekery, like conventions, or else we host geekends at our house (which are often INSANE).

    Emily is indeed in Japan currently. When she is around, I tend to head down to the city (NYC) fairly often for dinners, shows, and other fun, and she's often around (as much of the Front Row Crew is) and participating during most of the above listed geekery.

    Also, the above list only really includes the things that happen every single day. I can't really list the one-offs, like seeing a concert or exploring an abandoned factory.

    The only thing we really lack is some GOD DAMNED SLEEP! -collapse-
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  • We get plenty of sleep wuss. At least we get more than we did in college.
  • This is actually very helpful. A couple of things jump out at me:

    1) you don't do your list by time, but rather by activity. My first instinct would have been to assign times to all the tasks.
    2) You seem to do most of your gaming with the DS and it seems to be in short bursts. I have a DS, but when I game it's almost always with the computer or PS2. It's hard for me to do a short computer game session. When I get into Civ IV for example, it's 4 plus hours. That plays hell with a schedule.
    3) If Scott would just apply his usual focus on geekery to and all the other dating sites, there would soon be a new female member of the Front Row Crew, I'm sure.
    4) There is very little downtime in either Rym or Scott's schedule. Rym seems to get a little lazy on the weekend, but Scott seems to be doing things full bore every waking minute.

    My time demands are a bit different. For one thing, I work 7:30-6 most days, so that's a longer day. I also have to bring work home on the weekends. I have a family too and they actually do want me around every now and then. ;) So although I aspire to add more geekery to my life, I'm going to have to do it in baby steps. I have the podcast and ocasional gaming and anime when I run on the treadmill, but that's about it.
  • We do non-DS gaming. But it's usually in bursts by date. For example, when I buy a new GameCube game I play it for an hour or two every day. If it's really good I play it with every free moment until it's beaten. After it's beaten it tends to stay on the shelf untouched. Remember also that geekery includes all geekeries. It can range from talking with the crew, to fixing computers or playing D+D/Burning Wheel.

    I don't know how much I trust those type things. I really don't trust the ones that cost money. Maybe we need to start a new thread about people's experiences with these online services?

    While Rym does nap occasionally I wouldn't really call my activities full-bore. I spend a lot of time BSing on the Intarweb, which is akin to napping. Like right now for example.

    Anyway, today I'm not going to work. Will I read books? Will I play video games? Will I do laundry? It remains to be seen...
  • Need..Geek..Girl...

    Oh well, damn all the geek-haters at school i'll wait untill uni.. :D
    Well.. thats the plan anyway...
  • We don't have so many of those somewhat laid-back weekends. Here's a rough schedule of the coming weeks:

    This weekend - A bunch of people are driving out for a weekend of gaming.

    Next weekend - A HUGE crowd of people is driving out for a full-on geekend and some burning wheel. Possibly a trip into the city.

    Following weekend - I'm flying out to NC for Animazement.

    In terms of time management, we tend to be largely polychronic. Sure, we're bound by precise time from external sources, such as work, but we mostly ignore the time something takes otherwise. If we do something, we do it until we no longer feel like doing it. To hear one of us say "Hey, it's 4:30! We should do x instead of y now" would be an oddity.

    When we're on vacation, like at the shore, we completely lose track of the time. There are no days or times, just activities. We wake up whenever our bodies say to, do whatever we want, and sleep whenever it's convenient.
  • It really all depends on what you choose to do with your time. Some activities lend themselves well to being multitasked, while other things demand individual attention.

    It helps that Rym and Scott have jobs where they really don't have to DO anything, per se. They get a lot of internetting out of the way during work time, as well as a lot of reading and such. If you have a job like mine, which demands your time and doesn't have a lot of "sitting in front of the computer" time, things are a little different.

    I find that the best way to do things is to do reading and some lighter video gaming in the 4 or so free hours I have after work. Weekends are best devoted to hardcore geekery and such.
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    Loz: "Need..Geek..Girl..."

    You don't "need" a geek girl. Just go for a normal chick. I promise you, it's alot more fun.

    On week days I...
    wake up
    shower / clean
    school starts
    email, forums, podcast stats
    boring ass classes
    boring ass classes
    leave school
    hang out
    get wasted
    do a podcast
    play CS
    watch G4 and Comedy Central
    do homework...maybe
    listen to podcasts
    listen to music
    go to sleep
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  • Rym/Scott, how long do you spend at work? Just wondering.
  • Well, when I work in the city I usually take the 7am train. I spend a little over an hour on the train, so I can do stuff during that ride. I leave the office around 4:45-5:00ish and take the same train home. Usually get home after 6pm.

    Now that I work in the middle of bumblefuck nowehere, I drive to work. I usually lave the house around 8am and get to work at 9. That hour in the car can only be spent driving and podcast listening. When I leave work depends on a lot of things. I usually leave sometime between 4:00 and 4:30ish. Some days I stay until after 5, and some days I leave before 4. I get home an hour later, of course.
  • I envy you. My typical work day is arrival at 8am to departure at 6 or 7. I eat but I do not take a lunch break at all.
  • I nominally work about 8-4:30, but that's highly flexible. My commute now is about 10 minues down a straight freeway. Soon, I'll be working down in Yonkers/South Bronx, which will make it about a 50 minute drive.
  • This thread gave me blog fodder.
  • RymRym
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  • I now get up around 7 every day, and am usually home by 5ish, biking both ways. ^_^
  • The worst.
    Did you mean to post that in this thread?

    Anyway, updated!

    Work day

    Wake up
    Shower(if not the night before)
    Bike to work
    Bike to home or podcast
    Podcasting or geekery
    dinner mixed in somewhere
    bike home if not home
    possible shower

    Weekend day

    Wake up

    Sometimes chores eat up some geekery, such as laundry.
  • That's me as well except minus podcasting and substituting driving for biking.
  • For the first time in as long as I can remember, I got completely faked out and didn't realize I was reading posts from 2006.

    My concept of time management is pretty much GO GO GO GO GO DON'T SLEEP GO GO. I have an hour commute to a full time engineering job, two part time writing gigs, and the typical wife/kid/dog/house thing to take care of. Geekery happens every day, just not as much as I'd like.
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    Work day

    Wake up
    Clean Rabbit Cage, Lettuces for Buns
    Breakfast (Usually some bread/fruit/dairy combination)
    Wash Face, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed, Grooming
    Commute: Bike 8 miles OR Subway+Studying
    Work for about 8 to 8.5 hours if it isn't crunch time
    [Maybe do something after hours with coworkers]
    Commute home [or do something else in the city]
    Cook a dinner (or somehow get food)
    Give bunnies pellets
    Do chores, maybe run a few miles
    Shower, Brush Teeth, Get ready for bed
    Animation [Good] or Useless Internet Time [Bad]

    If it is crunch time,
    it is basically the same except work extends up for a bunch more hours and I don't cook a food because I get home late.
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  • Wake up in the morning
    Grab my glasses
    I'm out the door
    I'm gonna hit this city
    Before I leave
    Brush my teeth with a
    Bottle of Jack
    'Cuz when I leave for
    The night I ain't coming back
  • Woke up
    fell out of bed,
    Dragged a comb across my head
    Found my way downstairs
    and drank a cup,
    And looking up I noticed I was late.
    Found my coat
    and grabbed my hat
    Made the bus in seconds flat
    Found my way upstairs
    and had a smoke,
    and Somebody spoke
    and I went into a dream
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  • Wake up screaming.
    Leap out of bed.
    Unlock shackles.
    Stumble into kitchen.
    Create meal.
    Go to computer.
    Consume meal.
    Drive 5 min to work.
    Drive 5 min to home.
    Lock shackles.
    Crawl into bed.
    Go to sleep.
    Have nightmares.
  • Work
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    Wake up.
    DotA 2.
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    Wake up.
    DotA 2.
    I can confirm this is true. And has been for months. The only change is that when he's at school, you add "Class(sometimes)".
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