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Now that the entire manga has been released stateside, what do you guys think of this series. I personally loved it and it is one of my favorite manga ever. I loved the characters (and even know people who are exactly like the characters), I enjoyed the art, the story, and everything else about this series.


  • Genshiken is ok. I like it but I preffer Otaku No Video.
  • I love it ^^

    Unfortunately I have to wait till February for the final volume in German :/
  • You have just opened a can of fangirl worms. I have collected the entire series and its regarded as one of my favorites. I could write an essay but I'll condense it here.

    I love the story throughout. It's more than a story with otaku and happy anime references but it's filled with character developments. You can see that when you follow each character. (except for Kuchii. He's crazy all the way. Gag character I call him. Kohsaka is somewhat stationary too.) It's filled with situations and slice of life stuff in the world of otaku. Same thing that happened to you but in this type of world. I like seeing all the characters pop out different sides to them in each story presented. Ohno in the later chapters is so awesome! (spoiler: Jesse my friend and I call her bad side Dark Ohno. Ever since Oguie came around and it surfaced she became a bit more dimensional as a character, IMO. Plus it's funny when she uses the mask for evilness at first and her outburst about yaoi in vol. 8. and in English in 7 verfied that fact. ) That later added Ogiue created new tension and a reason to continue the manga when the Sasahara and Saki story lines were dragging. When Ogiue took center it managed to breath new life into the series.

    Watching the art get better throughout the series was awesome. Compare the work from vol. 1 to vol. 5 to vol. 9. You an see the difference. At first it seemed Shimoku Kio was trying to be more realistic in his drawings. Probably because of the fact that it IS based on his college experience. The art was good but not great. He eased up on the lines and stylized them some more. Less detailed from before but just enough. Even his Kujibiki Unbalanced got a little makeover to be more cute and moe like to fit the type of story it was. You can even see his art work change in vol. one as you keep reading.

    I think Del Rey was perfect to bring this series to America. They added a little lexicon in the back and included the extras that Japan had. The one bad thing was the Del Rey took forever to release a new one. I waited 9 months for vol. 9!

    I recommend this for people who either loved Otaku no Video, Comic Party and the like or has been a fan for a long while. I don't recommend this for a newbie fan as much but hey, if they like it I wont stop them at all.

    Yeah...I know I typed a lot! ^_^
  • Madarame is the more real character in the manga.
  • Care to elaborate? More real than what exactly?
  • I'm a bit confused too. Are you saying he acts like a real otaku? Are you saying he's accurate to the person he is based on? Are you saying he's Kio Shimoku?
  • I am saying that in the world there are more people like him than any of the other otaku.
  • Ha! It's true. I met them.
  • I'm gonna agree with Viga. I really enjoyed this series a lot for the character development. The anime references just became a topping, extra bits that made the whole enjoyable. And while the initial character ideas may have been based off of otaku stereotypes, but they became full-bodied characters over time.
  • I had heard of this series for a long, long time, yet only saw it for the first time a couple weeks back at anime club. Awesome stuff.
  • I had heard of this series for a long, long time, yet only saw it for the first time a couple weeks back at anime club. Awesome stuff.
    Welcome to the Genshiken.
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    I was really pushing to get my school's anime club to be renamed the Genshiken when I became Vice President, but I failed. By the way, who was the main character? I know that it was supposed to be focused on Sasahara, but it seemed to be focused more on Saki until Oguie came in.
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  • Waaah I loved it a lot!! I watched the full first season of the anime, and I have volume 1 of the manga. I got into it when I watched it in the college anime club. It was so funny, and to have everyone roar with laughter was better. I wish I could use it for the high school anime club, but the people there have little interest... I may try it anyway, after Trigun.

    I can't seem to find vol 2 and the rest of the manga, but eventually I'll have it.

    Oh, and there's a second season coming out (if it's not all out). Dunno what that'll be like.
  • Genshiken is one of my favorite series. I watched one episode of it then before I knew it I was marathonning the entire series over a weekend. When the only other series about otaku you've really gotten into has been Welcome to the NHK, you cling to Genshiken for dear life. It's a breath of fresh air to see otaku's presented in a good light. I even had an urge to watch Kujibiki Unbalanced but I could'nt find it.

    I'm having trouble finding all of the manga series though. I read like five volumes of the scans but I can only read off my computer for so long. When I went to my local manga place they only had volume four.

    I feel like the character that I can most relate to is Madarame but I'm not sure if thats a good thing or not.
  • One of my favorites as well. I haven't seen a lot of the anime, but from what I have seen I think I prefer the manga. This may be because I was watching the dub. Either way I agree with Viga when she says that Oguie revitalized the series. When Madarame and Tanaka graduated, I was worried because at the time they were my favorite characters. Kuchiki was a bit of a miss as a character, so I was wary when Oguie came in, but now I've got a totally creepy thing for her, and she managed to shake things up enough to make Sasahara interesting again. I've yet to read vol. 9, and I'm gunna be a little sad when it ends. At least it went on longer than Azumanga Daioh. I could have read that forever.

    I lost my first volume of Genshiken though. That sucks.
  • Has anyone been watching the fansubs of Genshiken 2?

    I like how they handled that better than the first series in comparison to the manga. While the first series and OVA cut of remixed some things from the manga the second season keeps everything and adds to it.

    SPOILER EXAMPLE: (In the episode when Oguie does the yaoi sketch of Madarame and Sasahara they add a whole lot of yaoi parody Genshiken action! An entire parody of Genshiken if it was a dramatic yaoi story was excellent. I'm not just saying that because I do like yaoi but because it's so hilarious. Meanwhile in the real genshiken the story portrayed in the manga is told. ) Either that or if they just put two chapters together in an episode like the most recent one. With the new character designs this is a good solid series if you are already familar with Genshiken. Unfortunately since it picks up after the OVA some might wonder how did Oguie get there? Plus with the opener (first version) you would think this was an action robot mecha show.

    I love this show/manga too much it seems. XD
  • I haven't read the manga, but I have seen all of season one and part of season two of the anime. As Rym described it to me once, the show is very "close to home" - I think anyone who is an anime fan and has been involved in an anime club can relate to the situations and characters. The parody aspect is great too, and somehow the show manages to simultaneously poke fun at anime fandom and celebrate it. I really liked Kasukabe's perspective too, that of an outsider trying to understand otaku and even coming to appreciate a kind of people she once scorned.

    My favorite character is totally Madarame. His little fang and social awkwardness were absolutely adorable. He's superly perverted and incurably nerdy, but somehow he comes across as honest and human, and likeable! The yaoi parody episode was hilarious (omg Madarame as a bishounen, /fangirl!) though also a fair bit disturbing. -_-

    Some of the episodes have made me feel uncomfortable at parts (the Tanaka and what's-her-face episode, dear gods), but I suppose that's part of what makes the show realistic - at times being a geek, and dealing with otaku culture, means walking a line between camaderie and social discomfort.
  • I found that Tanaka, Madarame, and Ohno were my favorite characters. There is a little bit of both Madarame and Tanaka in me, so they were logical choices for favorite characters. I am not nearly as extreme as Madarame is but that is probably for the best (I have his spending habits, though, which sucks for me ~_-). I have no bloody idea why Ohno was one of my favorites, though...
  • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn x-X I should go get this. *shakes fist at piling anime to watch stack*
  • Ahh, once Christmas is done, I'll be buying the box set at my workplace. I try to buy the anime I like, even though I have a downloaded copy, just to support them... If I can find the freaking thing, anyway. XD

    I'll be downloading Season 2 once I'm done the three files I have currently up - I don't like too many downloading all at once.
  • Anybody been reading the latest chapters? Poor, poor Madarame.
  • I totally thought the latest chapter would end with Kuchiki kidding him. Not the pairing I want at all, but it's so hilarious.
  • Genshiken Nidame? Fuck, why was I not informed of this?
  • Genshiken Nidame? Fuck, why was I not informed of this?
    I felt the same way, then I ended up not watching it =P
  • Genshiken Nidame? Fuck, why was I not informed of this?
    I actually posted about it when it started, and everybody lost their shit.
    Genshiken Nidame? Fuck, why was I not informed of this?
    I felt the same way, then I ended up not watching it =P
    I think you mean the 2nd season of the anime. Nidaime is the continuation of the manga after Sasahara, Saki and Kousaka graduate. Ogiue is president and there are three new members to the club. Madarame of course stays, because he will eternally be the guy who hangs out with the people of the club despite graduating years ago. Such is the fate of Madarame.
  • I see~ yes. I meant the 2nd season of the anime. Nidaime sounds very second season of the anime-esc.
  • I actually posted about it when it started, and everybody lost their shit.
    That was slightly before I joined the forum.
  • so is this the official Ohno waifu thread?

  • This is still one of my favorite scenes from the series.
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    Genshiken still tops my favorite manga list. The new chapters are killing me with the month wait between them.
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