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Katsucon 2008

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Our schedule for Katsucon 2008 is final!

Katsu's Kendo Panel
FRIDAY, 3pm-4pm, Live Two

Anime Match Game
FRIDAY, 9:30pm-10:30pm, Live One.

Six celebrities. Two contestants. Infinite hilarity. Enjoy the laughs in this homage to the classic game show with an anime twist, featuring . Lucky audience members will battle for fabulous prizes and Internet fame. Hosted by GeekNights.

Late Night Katsucon
FRIDAY, 10:30pm-1am, Live One

What better way is there to spend your Friday night than in the studio audience of Katsucon's premier late show? With special guests Greg Ayres and Steve Bennet, not to mention musical acts, bonus guests, and more, Rym and Scott from GeekNights will make sure you spend your evening in style.

Anime You Should See
SATURDAY, 12pm-1pm, Live Two

The past four decades have seen a lot of great anime: you've likely seen much less. Now's your chance to learn about the hidden gems, the blockbusters of yesteryear, and the classics for all time that you may have missed. Expand your horizons.

Challenger on Fire
SATURDAY, 5:30pm-6:30pm, Live One

A lot of people say that they're hardcore anime fans. Now's the time to put up or shut up as brave audience members face epic guests in the quest for (Internet) fame, (convention) glory, and (fanboy) bragging rights. Do you have what it takes to face the Challenger on Fire?

SATURDAY, 11:30pm-12:30am, Live Three.

If you think all manga are just fighting ninjas and high school love triangles, think again. There's a whole world of serious, dramatic manga you've likely never seen. Come explore this vast world with Rym and Scott of GeekNights as they delve into the manga inspired by the "Gekiga movement."

Classified as "Adult Programming."

Anime Match Game Encore!
SUNDAY, 1pm-2pm, Live One

Missed the Friday Match Game? Desperately want more? Rym and Scott are back to host the encore! The jokes will be raunchier, the guests will be saucier: anything goes in the stunning Sunday conclusion!


  • Well, I know what I'm going to at the con! ^_^
  • . . .
    *looks at wallet*
    . . .
    *looks at bank account*
    . . .
    *crys in corner*
  • I was going to go to Katsukon this year, but my mom is attending a conference at Walt Disney World and I was "forced" to go with her.
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    ALSO, come to my panel.

    Sentai: It's Not Just Power Rangers
    Saturday 9 AM-10 AM, Live Two
    For over 30 years, the Super Sentai franchise of
    tokusatsu shows has been saving Japan from evil alien forces, ancient
    civilizations, demons, and countless other foes. While most of the
    world has known it since 1993 only through its Western adaptation,
    Power Rangers, the show has a rich and deep history beyond that. Come
    check it out!

    I'm putting in some work on this panel. It's going to be fun times. Excuse the crap time, it'll be awesome.
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  • Looks like I'll have to go for the whole weekend this year. One day just really isn't enough at Katsu.
  • Oh no, never. Even Thursday night is awesome, though for money reasons I had to cut it. We're headed down on a cheapo early morning commuter train to DC. $7 beats $149 for another night in the hotel. But I digress.
  • That all sounds so awesome. I just wish I could go.
    Sadly, the local con that I am staff for this year is the week ahead of Katsu, and that is going to drain me, mentally and possibly financially.
  • Do it.

    Though then again, the only time I did two cons in two weekends (Anime Mid-Atlantic/Power Morphicon), after the second one I slept about 14 hours in a row....I was that tired.
  • I'll Probably be able to go, even tho money is tight for me. I'm also trying to work my way thru katsucon, being a go-fer or something. But if anyone knows any jobs for the con let me know.
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    I thnk if you volunteer for 15 or 20 hours you can get a room. First come first serve so send an email or something.

    7 more days....ah!
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