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Sentou Yousei Yukikaze

edited December 2007 in Anime
I recently purchased this for $3 a disc at a local discount chain and was pretty impressed with the show. It sort of reminds me of Macross Plus, but it's not quite that level. I feel the story is only slightly above average, but it serves it's purpose to show you some sweet ass dog fights animated with great cg and designs. Trying to cram a novel into a short OAV series is probably what led to the problems with the story. Again, everything about the visuals in this show are fantastic and make the show worth watching!
If you're a fan of planes I really suggest picking this up. It's one of those shows were it falls just short of greatness, but you can tell the whole staff was trying very hard to make it something special. It should at least hold you over until the next Macross comes out. Anyone else see this?


  • I haven't seen this, but the screenshot reminds me of Macross Zero, which I did see.
  • I saw the first episode of Macross Zero and it really didn't grab me. What did you think of it? From what I remember the cg didn't look as nice as Yukikaze's. lolz graphix whore.
  • FYI, BTW; This show is sweet treats. There's a grocery shopping scene!
  • I think I rented the VHS of this from Tsutaya like back in, what, 2002? When did it come out? I think the reason that I was interested in it was the involvement of Tada Yumias the character designer. I liked it but the story didn't really stick with me. They also have a mecha musume show that was a spin off of it. Isn't there a pilot in it who is Native American? There is the black haired guy and the bearded guy...I like the designs both for the people and for the mechs.
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