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  • Outplayed.
  • Outplayed.
    Just look at Ovi standing and not doing anything. LOL
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  • Can we not have game 7s in round 1?
  • Some people at the arena were taking really good photos of the goalies tonight.

    Here's one of Lundqvist.


    Here's a couple of Holtby.


  • Congrats, New York Lundqvists.
  • Hm, not sure whether I should count what happened last night as a great comeback for the Bruins, or an epic collapse for the Leafs. Well, if history is any indication, the latter.
  • Go Bruins!
  • We are definitely getting outskated, but holy shit THAT GOAL. I think the whole neighborhood heard me screaming. Less than two seconds left in the 2nd.
  • So this happened.
  • The Red Wings gave an equal trouncing to the one the received in game one. That contest is entirely up in the air at this point.
  • Best worst fan:

  • That reminds me of Running Man. They are constantly wearing clothes with US pro sports team logos, mostly hats. They almost definitely have no clue about those teams. Never seen them do the double team, though.
  • Opened Twitter about an hour ago and read the following headline from the Flyers official twitter feed: "Flyers GM Paul Holmgren gives statement on Jake Voracek's car crash". I almost shat bricks right then and there. Pelle Lindbergh already happened once and the possibility of it happening again horrifies me, and Voracek was the Flyers best offensive player last season.

    Anyway, thankfully the guy is unharmed. Trashed his car though pretty well.
  • Conflicted. Do not want innocent human being to come to harm. Do want Philadelphia Flyers to die in a fire...
  • Go fuck yourself with a cactus, Scott.

    HUGE smack talk from Henry. I don't know about you guys, but I don't really trash talk when I'm down 3-0.
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    Fired the coach. Ahhhh! So refreshing.

    EDIT: Why do all the Rangers fans on /r/hockey think he deserved another year and are shocked it happened so soon? Get the bum out! Fire the GM too! Can't come soon enough.
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  • EDIT: Why do all the Rangers fans on /r/hockey think he deserved another year and are shocked it happened so soon? Get the bum out! Fire the GM too! Can't come soon enough.
    Because the only thing that can be as bad as not changing something is changing something.
  • Another Austrian was signed by an NHL team. Michael Raffl is now a member of the Philadelphia Flyers. Makes me double happy despite him having been quite a pain in the ass of my hometown team, since he was developed by their rival. Raffl was 2nd best goalscorer in the 2nd swedish league last year while his team won the championship and got promoted to the top league.
  • I predict the Blackhawks will win the cup.
  • Looking through photoshops for this years playoffs in another forum. Found this:
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    For those who don't know what this is about, Jarome Iginla was prepared to be dealt from the Flames this season, since the Flames suck ass and need some draft picks and prospects for the future. Iginla had a no trade clause and gave a short list of teams he would agree to be traded to, consisting of Chicago, LA, Boston and Pittsburgh, to his General Manager. The GM had a trade with Boston in place shortly before the deadline, and it was even reported by the media that this trade was happening. Only it was nixed by Iginla who said he would only agree to be traded to Pittsburgh now, which they did almost immediately. There were literally people who went to sleep thinking Iginla went to the Bruins and woke up finding out that he was dealt to Pittsburgh instead. The Boston Bruins General Manager even had a press conference explaining how this situation came about.
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  • Hahaha, Boston, that was an epic collapse.

    Anyway, season is over. New one starts tomorrow.

    Seriously though, compliance buyouts will start on the 27th. One has already been announced as Danny Briere gets bought out by the Flyers. They end on July 4th.
    Entry draft is on the 30th in New Jersey. All 7 rounds on the same day.
    Free agency starts on July 5th this year.
    And then the offseason.
  • I want to create a supercut of Bettman getting boo'd during the cup presentation.
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