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  • Scott, don't you want the Penguins to lose this year, after they messed us up so bad? What's the harm in rooting for the cupless red guys now, as they battle Crosby et. al?
  • Caps have been beaten by teams overcoming their two game lead in the playoffs ten times. It's our time to have a comeback.
  • Ahhh...That was a nice comeback we had last year, for sure. Oh yes, I did enjoy.

    That said, it would be nice to have the long suffering Caps fans experience that for once.
  • Anybody seen my golf shoes??
  • That game 6 was intense! Coming back from a 3-0 deficit, only to lose in overtime, those never ending delay of game penalties...that was some interesting hockey.

    All the NHL teams I moderately care about are out of the running, but at least there's worlds. Also, London Knights won the OHL championship, so that made me happy. Marner was MVP. I like watching players like that--little, speedy skill forwards with good hands. Between him, Nylander, and Matthews, the sad, sad Leafs have good things coming.
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    Rooting interests:

    1. Sharks
    2. Lightning
    3. Blues
    4. Cthulhu
    5. Second Impact
    6. Gray Goo
    7. Nuclear War
    8. Vogons
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  • Boooo Canada. Booooo.

  • May the prophecy of the logos hold true. Amen.
  • I hope Jumbo Joe finally gets to lift the Cup.
  • Nice job booing the commissioner San Jose. I thought you wouldn't pull through.
  • NHL Awards were yesterday night. Expected people won and deserving people didn't, but at least Ghost got onto the All-Rookie Team.

    Also, it is now official that Las Vegas gets a franchise starting with the 2017-18 season.

    Draft starts tomorrow and Free Agency starts on July 1st. And then the long, long summer.
  • Vegas is actually selling a ton of season tickets apparently.

    Also, Rangers are mostly fucked. Need a miracle to make the playoffs next year.
  • Vegas sold a ton of season tickets, but it took them months to make that happen. It was the weakest season ticket sellout in any expansion as far as I read.
  • Hockey Hall of Fame Class 2016:

    * Eric Lindros
    * Sergei Makarov
    * Rogie Vachon
    * Pat Quinn (builder)

    Lindros waited for 6 years. Makarov for 16. Vachon for 31. And Pat Quinn should have been inducted ages ago and it's a travesty that the HoF bungled it to not induct him while he was still alive (Quinn died in 2014).

    Maybe a bit of a weak year for eligible people as no player within the first year of eligibility made it, but unlike 2010 they at least took the time to induct some actually deserving people who should have gone in a long time ago. This is not meant to denigrate either Angela James or Cammi Granato, but rather Dino Ciccarelli whose inclusion in the Hall and as the single male entrant in a HoF class is kind of a joke.
  • Boooo Lindros boooooooooooo
  • Apreche said:

    Boooo Lindros boooooooooooo

    I wonder what your opinion would be if the arbitrator would have decided differently.

    Anyhow :tongue:
  • Wow, everything is happening.

    Stamkos signs an 8 year extension worth $8.5 million per year with the Lightning. He probably could have gotten more on the open market (10 or more) but I think he works in Tampa.

    The Oilers traded Taylor Hall for to the Devils for Adam Larsson. I think a mostly fair swap for both teams but it definitely also illustrates how the value of a player depreciates by having been drafted by the Oilers.

    And the biggest blockbuster of them all: The Canadiens have traded P.K. Subban to the Predators for Shae Weber. The Habs had a bad season, mostly because of Prices injury. Subban was definitely not the issue and it's anybody's guess why the Habs would trade their second best player for a player that is older, on a worse contract (Subban's contract expires in 2022, Weber's in 2026) and has performed worse. That is not to say that Weber is a bad player. He is an impressive defenseman, but I'd take Subban over Weber every day of the week and twice on sundays, and it's ridiculous that the Habs traded Subban before firing Therien.
  • There has to be more to the Subban trade. Some sort of internal conflicts.
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  • We lost Brassard :( but we're probably going to be able to keep Stepan.

    The positive is due to our teams suckage it looks like I'm actually going to get tix. An 11 game deal, but it's really a 10 game deal since they make you buy one preseason game. $160 * 2 seats * 11 = $3520. Not unreasonable for MSG.

    If I keep doing it every year I get higher priority to get better seats. Still, these seats will be behind one of the nets on the 100 level, not the worst. My parents sat in the nosebleeds behind the net in the '70s, but they paid like $5 a game and had full-season tix.

    The best part is that these tix come with priority to buy playoff tix if we make it. If I get playoff tix to just one game at face value and resell them, the entire plan can pay for itself.
  • I was also able to get tix! But since Scott has them, I declined the offer this year. Maybe next year.
  • We got Vesey, fuck y'all!
  • Fix the roster by throwing the most money at free agents: It's the Rangers way.
  • chaosof99 said:

    Fix the roster by throwing the most money at free agents: It's the New York way.

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