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GeekNights 080109 - Bone

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Tonight on GeekNights, we review Bone. In the news, Newtype is dead. Also, Scott geekbites Won Ton Soup.

Scott’s Thing - The Otaku Police
Rym’s Thing - Cons will never be the same


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    I used to read Bone as a monthly, and stopped about two-thirds of the way through. I only finished it this year when I bought the paperback so this episode was very timely. I just wanted to add a couple of things:

    Jeff Smith started writing the story when he was fairly young, which is why the story is a bit cliched in parts. On the other hand he'd been drawing the characters for so long that they were incredibly well-realised and consistent, as you say.

    Boneville isn't quite the 'modern' world. If you've ever read any Carl Barks comics you'd recognise his influence on the Bones. Phoney Bone is basically Scrooge McDuck. Imagine Boneville as much like Duckburg, ie. an idealised cartoon version of 1960s America. Smith has said he'll never draw Boneville because it'd never match up to readers' imaginations and also, he'd just be drawing another Duckburg.

    Edit: I definitely agree with 'that' reveal being one of the best reveals ever. Genius.
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  • I think I recall reading some Bone years ago in a comic shop or book store. I had never read much though.
    After getting rid of the Hypnotoad recording and listening to the real episode last night at work, I went to Borders and picked up the big paperback. It makes a great "thunk" when you drop it from about a foot. I began reading it around midnight, and I was done by four. I just couldn't put it down to go to sleep.
    Now I plan to pass it on to my dad to read. He's always been a fan of fantasy comics, so I'm sure he'll like it.
  • I went to the book store to look for/check out Bone, but they didn't have it. They did have Bone plushies though.
  • Bone is what made me love comics.
  • I just finished reading Bone today, and I have to say that I enjoyed every moment of it. I'm gonna have to look for the two prequels sometime.
  • Loaned the first book from the library today, kinda remembered reading it long time ago, but it was actually much better. Looking forward the next one.
  • I just finished reading Bone today, luckily I had a lot of time the last two days to read it since I haven't been allowed out of bed. I think the only way to describe Bone is epic... well maybe epic awesomeness too.
  • I bought the complete Bone today. That book is freaken huge.
  • I read it throughout the last week. It was absolutely excellent. Very high quality and definitely recommendable. 30€ and hours well spent.
  • I read it throughout the last week. It was absolutely excellent. Very high quality and definitely recommendable. 30€ and hours well spent.
    Plus it has rereadable qualities, I've gone through my one volume version of Bone 3 times. The whole Bone saga, probably 5 times as I read the colour graphic novels in Primary School and early High School.
  • Ugh, the 20th Anniversary full-on signed magic color hardcover box set is $350. Even with the discount it is $280. Too much. I'll just get the book without the box and goodies.
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