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Converting anime fansubs for iPod

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What's a good program on Windows XP, that I can use to convert an anime fansub for my iPod?


  • Videora iPod Converter. Before I got a laptop I used to do the same thing!
  • Cool, do you happen to know if it converts most video codecs fansubbers tend to use?
  • I use Alltoavi to convert mkv files to avi. This allows me to hardcode the subtitles on the avi file, and change the size of the subtitles in some cases. This is one of the few things I still have to boot into Windows to do. Then you can use something like Super to convert those files the iPod format. Personally I use a mencoder (mplayers encoder) and a script to batch convert the files for use with my iPod. I think Super is GUI based on mencoder, so the results should be similar. I get some nice files that are about 120-180MB and look great on the iPod screen, and not too shabby on an SD TV.

    If you have not heard of you need to visit that site. It is a one stop shop for all the tools, tutorials and anything else you would need for transcoding video.
  • Are subtitles readable on even the largest iPod screen? (not counting the iTouch and iPhones)
  • When the subtitles are plain white ariel text without any italics and whatnot I can usually read the subtitles for Sexy Commando just fine. I wear glasses so it's sometimes even a stuggle for me to read street signs but I can see them alright. I have the iPod classic with a wide screen so its like watching a little tv. If you have any one of the nanos I think it would be impossible to read anything.
  • I wear glasses so it's sometimes even a stuggle for me to read street signs but I can see them alright.
    Ehm, that's what those glasses are for. So you can read street signs again. At least that's what my glasses do. Anyways, watching anime on a small iPod (or even iTouch/iPhone) is horrible. Just get a small portable DVD player with some SD card capability. Even though it's portable that screen is at least twice as big.
  • Videora works for me.
  • That's why you use Alltoavi to increase the font size (this only works with MKV files were the font is not hardcoded). I have no problem reading most fansubs on the iPod without changing the subtitle size. I watch stuff on my iPod in bed so the screen is really close, so it's no problem in my situation. If I was sitting up, if I rode a commuter train or something I may not like it as much.
  • I've been watching Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagaan on my iPod for the past week and it's been working just fine for me. (To put it in perspective, I am practically blind in one eye and my other eye isn't so hot. I could even read the subtitles.)
  • I never had a problem reading the subs on my iPod.
  • I found a site that really helps with getting my DVDs onto my iPod. Just follow the directions on the page
    If you use Windows: The first program's link on that page, you can't get to directly. I used for the DVD ripper. The other link to convert the files works, though. I was so psyched I got it to work. The one bad thing: if you have a series (which most likely you do) since it's made for putting your movies onto your iPod, you'll end up getting your episodes all grouped together rather than divided into actual episodes, so there may be some scrolling through a few end credits back to back with opening credits, but it's not bad at all. I'm very happy I have it since, when they first put anime on iTunes, a) it was all over the place, and b) I'd never heard of any of it. I have most of them and they're pretty good, but I'd really like to see them get some other well-known stuff on the site. Oh well.
    Pay attention (windows people) when you do #6 w/ the DVD ripper. It's giving you the right video, but they assume you want English subs. Never fear! If you look at what you're clicking there, you can see it also give Japanese audio and subtitle boxes.
  • Videora is more or less the best and easiest video conversion. Some people have suggested "SUPER", but I've found that it's not very user all.

    As for "will it convert from what files fansubbers use?" I know for sure on avis, but I'm not sure with mkvs or other files...

    As for readability...I watched a lot of Hunter x Hunter on my friend's ipod on our trip down to the beach one year. It was fine reading them on the 2.5 inch screen.
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