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X-Men: The Last Stand

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Holy fucking shit what an awesome movie. I recommend the shit out of this.

Rym and Scott I know you guys say you don't go to the movies as often anymore but oh my god you have to go watch this, especially for one certain scene. I won't spoiler this for you but fuck, you've probably guessed it. If not, go and see it and find out.


  • I don't know... I liked the X-Men when I was a kid reading comics in the early 90s. I also liked the FOX cartoon of the same era. Some of the characters are still cool to me, but the new stuff really turns me off. All the X-Men comics I see in the store are crap to me. Also, I saw the first X-Men movie and didn't like it very much. Perhaps Netflix when it comes out on DVD?
  • I gotta say. I'm gonna have to see it.
  • Scott.. Ultimate X-men.... Ultimate X-men!! I'll let you borrow my trades....

    also, for one shots that you might like "Childern of the Atom" "God Loves Man Kill"

    I'm excepting the Third X-men movie to be a good summer flick, mindless action with lots of fan service... (don't get me wrong I love the orginal two films).

    I mean Kitty Pride is finally a main character!!!!
  • I read the first trade of Ultimate X-Men I think the last time I was at the shore. It didn't excite me very much. It's one of those things where you remember it the way it was when you were a kid, and anything different doesn't work.
  • This is going to be teh best ever!!1!!11!11!
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    I'm the Juggernaut, BITCH!

    By this way, is he in the film?
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  • Yes, and he has a great line in the movie
  • It's basically what Cremlian said, a summer flick with mindless action and lots of fan service. I was most disappointed in the actors and the script. Everything was spelled out twice for the audience (the department of redundancy department is to thank for this), kind of like when anime is imported and dumbed down for the general public's dubs.

    That said it did have a few good moments but I won't spoil those for anyone who is going to see it. You might want to stay after the credits, there's an extra scene.
  • I just saw this movie last night. ITS SOOOO KICK ASS!!1!!111!1!1!1!11!!!!1! Not even jokking. Its amazing! He DOES have a great line in that movie. Don't want to be an awful fanboy so I'm not gunna say anything.
  • 4 words


    yes it was in the movie.
  • imagine my disappointment coming back from the movie and seeing that baltmatrix had posted "I'M THE JUGGERNAUT BITCH!!!" already...
  • Holy shit! He did. I'm betting they took it from that google video. No doubt.

    Sux he's British and not black though.
  • Not a bad movie, but a bit clichéd... I'm still trying to decide which I like better: the shocked look on the villain's face as he witnesses the carnage around him and asks "What have I done??" or the angsty hero shouting "Noooooo!" to the night sky as his loved one lays dying in his arms. Still, though, no one ever said cliché was a bad thing. Actually, someone somewhere in the world probably has at some point, but I don't have to listen.

    And I wanted to see the bit at the end of the credits, but they cut the projector off too soon. Guess I'll just have to buy the DVD when it comes out!
  • What is after the credits? Is it worth waiting for?
  • After the credits:


    Magneto -might- have gotten his powers back.
    Professor X has likely transferred his mind to another body.

    I saw the movie Sunday night in Raleigh. It was meh.
  • Yeah, definitely going to be another going to another Xmen. Xmen 4. But wtf with Scott (cyclops) dying. That didn't make sense at all.
  • I guess Cyclop's contract ran out. On another topic, I fail to see why everyone hates Cyclops so much, at least the movie version.

    It'll be weird seeing a non cripple Xavier. again. They're done it in the tv show.....and it was weird then.
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    He didn't definitely die. Thats only implied. He's probably walking around with his eyes shut, having a shit-ton of trouble to not barbeque random people who try and help him while not getting beaten up for it. And, You know, X would have tried to find him but was all kinda 'sploded at the time.

    Rym, you said that nobody in the cinema knew what the hell you were laughing at; In Perth, when I saw it, Half the audience clapped when he said that. No joke. I had to explain to some of the people I was with why they clapped afterwards.
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  • I have never really cared for Cyclops in any format. He is such a one dimensional, goody-two-shoes! (That is just my personal taste, I get that people like him.)

    I also have never liked Jean for much the same reason... characters without real conflict are dull... and the whole Wolverine thing is tiresome.

    Anyway, I actually liked this movie more than the previous two. Sure the direction was weaker, but thank god they didn't have as much dialogue. I am sorry, but the first two films had horrid dialogue and when you have great actors (which could easily be said for many key cast members), it is sad to see them bogged down with crap lines. I have to say this movie delivered like Dominos for me. Great action, minimal and effective lines with moments of hilarity, killing off Scott - I hope he is dead, please let him be dead-, making Jean interesting (I think making Phoenix her subconsious/power base worked well, and made for much easier explination than an alien being), and so on. I guess I just wanted some silly, campy action and some epic word destruction CG with some of my favorite characters. Sure it was indelicate and lagged in a few places, but this was overshadowed by sheer entertainment value. I realize that my views probably differ drasticly, and I can recognize that this is not great cinema, nor the best comic book movie ever made, but it provided everything I expected and more.

    Oh, and at the Theatre I saw it at, almost the entire theatre went crazy at Juggernat's line! We were in downtown Buffalo on Friday night, it was great!
  • Just outside of Baltimore MD is where I saw it. I and my fiance were the only ones who got the joke of Juggernat.
  • My uncle's met the guys who played Bobby and Scott. He lives in LA, so it's not too hard to find actors and actresses.

    He said that when he was talking to James Marsden (Scott), he thought he was gay. I don't know if that has anything to do with why people dislike the dude, but maybe.
  • Did you mean gay as in sexual orientation? How would that affect anything?
  • Though this is suddenly a bit off the current train of thought, but I would recommend the trade paperback Madrox. I really enjoyed it, and like Scott I've kind of turned off by X-men as of late.
  • X-Men: The Last Stand was excellent.

    I'm no movie fanboy. I'm highly resistant to movie-watching of any kind, since theaters are full of noisy and noisome fools (and this was no exception). I'm no X-Men fanboy either, but I have an adequate background for geekery purposes. I did attend with an X-Men guru who is also a film-guru-slash-scathing-critic, who agrees with my assessment.

    Not to go into too much detail, but the movie was true to the characters while still standing on its own merits. It is impossible to follow the established plot of a comic that has had thousands of issues across dozens of spinoffs, endless amounts of retconning, and, quite frankly, some cheesy plot devices that would never fly in modern cinema (or even comic books). It was meant to finalize the series, while leaving room for a new installment if it ever comes to it. Now that's just to be expected from a movie.

    Of course, I've never agreed with the casting for Ororo and Rogue. That being said, Halle Berry was at least slightly less underwhelming than normal. Rogue, on the other hand...well...she never should have been in the movie series in her current, pathetic form, and she proved it in this movie.

    On another note...

    People who make movie recommendations to other people without having seen that movie are fucktards. I hate this movie culture we have, where the monumental effort of hundreds of people, the blood, sweat, and tears of at least a handful of creative people amongst the hollywood BS, can be shot down by undereducated, poorly-thought-out criticisms.

    Anyone in a position to influence the opinions of more than a close circle of friends should think hard on whether or not they really want to get into movie criticism. It is well known that if people hear a trusted opinion that a movie will suck, they are more likely to think it sucked upon viewing than if they heard nothing at all, and the converse is true for positive opinions.

    In other words, don't ruin movies for your own friends.

    The fact that Rym classically ruined "The Sixth Sense" for me back in the day surely doesn't enter into this. ;-)
  • I finally got to see X-men 3 on Sunday night and since I'm probably the biggest X-men underwear pervert here. I figure I’ll put forth my review of the movie.

    I was obviously manipulated by the buzz I’d gleamed from many sources before I saw this film. Since it was 4 weeks after it opened and most of my friends were guaranteed to have seem the movie already. This marked the first time in the three movies and I didn’t see it the night it came out. To tell you the truth I was nervous about it. I enjoyed the first two movies greatly and I could feel that this movie was going to be different.

    It was and as I predicted further up this thread it was a mindless action movie. The movie was a mess of two plots that should have been narrowed down to one. The characters having to deal with a mutant cure AND dark phoenix were given little time to be explored or grow. Mainly the movie seemed to float more towards the mutant cure and just slightly touched on dark Phoenix. This completely made the Phoenix plot lose all meaning. Especially Killing Scott Summers off in the first few minutes. Apparently Fox keeps forgetting that the X-men is a team book and that the story doesn’t always revolve around Wolverine. Ugh.

    Where do I start, If I would have written the X-men movie I would have had Phoenix come back as she always had, but not had her evil in the beginning and as the third movie progressed show her slowly losing control of her power but generally doing ok, until in the final moments of the movie where she solves the climax of the movie in a real unethical way. Leaving the team unsure what to do with her and probably with the world viewing her as a criminal which would then lead into the fourth movie where she finally becomes the “dark phoenix”. The whole time having Scott Summers try and deal with it and whatnot.. The way this movie dealt with Dark Phoenix took all the emotional build up away from the story. She came back evil and didn’t slowly side into darkness. SHE KILLED MOST OF THE PEOPLE WHO CARED ABOUT HER IN THE FIRST 15 MINUTES OF THE FILM!

    The Kitty Pryde/Iceman/Rogue triangle was a total abortion, that you was a completely wasted chance for all the love triangle action. What the hell was with that last scene with Rogue!

    Colossus, Why the crap did they even have him in the movie, did he even say two words? He was the least developed character period. Plus if you have Colossus you have him Fight Juggernaut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Angel, Talk about coming out of nowhere, he escapes, shows up at the mansion for literally 5 seconds and then follows the X-men to save his father and then disappear! Great! That’s awesome… NOT!

    Where the Fuck was Nightcrawler!

    Well, since I should be getting to work in a few, I talk a bit about what I liked about the film.

    I did enjoy Beast, I thought they handled his character in a very cool way, making him a retired X-men and a politician was a very cool. I enjoyed how he interacted with the other X-men in the traditional Beast corny wit.

    The fact that Kitty Pryde was a “main” character. She was handled fairly well in the movie, Especially in terms of Combat. I remembered sitting there looking at the team as they lined up to fight the last battle thinking to myself “What the fuck is Kitty going to do” and they made her act pretty cool, and definitely gave her something to do in that fight.

    Storm, was infinitely less annoying in this film! While I still hated her role in the film and she was again under developed (gees other the Magneto, Xavier and Wolverine who was actually used in this movie), They actually let her cut loose, I enjoyed that fact that she could fly (however why wasn’t she doing that before) and that she actually used some of her powers in a more useful way. (finally)

    I enjoyed how Magneto handled Mystique and how he was ultimately defeated. And that he appears to not been “fully” defeated.

    contined in next post...
  • Finally I have one last beef. The major problem this movie had was lack of consistency in what people could do. The past X-men movies severely underpowered the X-men from their comic book counterparts to try and keep it “more” realistic and to keep them from just pushing the win button, the problem with this movie is that the some characters did things way above what you’ve seen then do before. I.E. Magneto moves a Bridge but couldn’t break out of prison. Why didn’t Magneto just use that mutant that could detect the boy to pinpoint him and then just destroy the whole base on his own! Why doesn’t Magneto just take the X-men out that have metal powers (I.E. Colossus and Wolverine) I mean come on! It’s because of lazy script writing, They wanted to go over the top in the scene with the bridge and that broke the rules that they had laid down in the other movies, where his powers were strong but not godlike. Because he did that they had to make Phoenix just disintegrate things to make it interesting. Was it just me or did Wolverines Healing factor get even more powerful in the movie..

    Ugh. Anyhow, the movie wasn’t a total crapfest, but it came close. Why couldn’t Bryan Singer do Superman and X-men! One hopes that the upcoming Wolverine and Magneto movies have nothing to do with the director and writer of this movie.

    Off to work!
  • Nightcrawler didn't appear in the movie because the actor didn't like putting on makeup every day, and couldn't stand it long enough to do a quick "Yo, I'm leaving", so instead, they make it so you have to buy the official game to find the kanon reason he isn't there.
  • a quick search of the net said that if he was only going to get 5 minutes of screen time then the make-up wasn't worth it. Apparently Mystique didn't mind....(but I guess that's because she wasn't in costume for alot of her scenes)
  • Well, in this case the monumental effort of hundreds of people, the blood, sweat, and tears of at least a handful of creative people amongst the hollywood BS all came together to make one hell of a bad movie.

    It deserves to be shot down by educated, well thought out criticisms like this one: X-men: The Last Stand is teh suxorz.
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