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Anyone remember the old Full Moon movies...weren't they great!

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Now I use the word "great" loosely. Those films were extremely low-budget, lame and campy, but man did I love them. And let's not forget those great infomericals at the end of each movie.

Anyway, the reason I'm bringing this up is because I just got a boxset of some of those great films from Amazon. I can't wait 'til the week-end to check some of these out.

What were your favorities? I really enjoyed Species, Puppet Master, Trancers and Arcade. I think I'll check out Arcade first...I can hardly remember it. The boxset I got includes: Shadowzone, Bad Channels, Netherworld, Seed People and Arcade.


  • I remember watching the hell out of the Puppet Master series when I was younger. After the third one (or so) they really started going downhill for me and I quit watching them, but they'll always have a place in my movie-loving heart.
  • Demonic Toys....brilliant.
  • Watched Arcade last bad...yet so good. I forgot Seth Green was in it and "Q" is in it as well.
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