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Bamboo Blade

edited February 2008 in Anime
I think I'll be going a little against the grain here since some ignorant people (which I doubt can be found here) will just look at the character design in the show and shun it for being another "moe fest" but actually I don't think it is that prevalent by today's standards. The reason I bring it up is because Rym used to be vice-president of the RIT kendo club and while he practically never competed, I think he has at least a little interest in it.

The show is very funny and cute, but thankfully not to the degree that you have to bring insulin. The viewer can learn pretty much the basic things about kendo but like with most other sports anime, the sport mostly serves as a story vehicle and for the interaction between the characters which can sometimes go into slice-of-life territory but never becomes boring. I certainly wouldn't count it towards the great accomplishments of anime, but it is a surprisingly good show you can kill some free time with and don't want anything that is tough on you for watching it.

I'd like to hear if anybody else here watches it and what they think of it and I'd recommend to anybody to at least check out the first episode.


  • I don't think it is that prevalent by today's standards.
    You know that doesn't say much. Today's standards are insane and should even deter moe fans.

    Haven't seen the show. Perhaps if I can cram a download of an episode in the next two days (I have downloads planned out yes), I might watch some of it the next two or so weeks.
  • My one problem with the show is that...thing...Dan-kun I think they call it. I want it to die a horrible, fiery death.
  • I'm liking it. Lots of people are saying it is a harem show (though these are mostly people who spend most of their time on moe shows.) which it isn't. Good characters, some depth but not too much. Dan-kun does break the style but not on screen to much and doesn't annoy me. Also, kendo awesomeness.
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