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Crappy walmart anime/korean animation

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Have any of you guys ever watched any of those $1 anime from walmart? I bought a couple of them and they were pretty special. The included Space transformers/Diatron 5, and Raiders of Galaxy, a Mazinger Z clone.


  • ..Walmart has $1 anime?

  • Puss in Boots. Actually we bought a few of those for our boys. The funny thing is the $1 Wal-Mart Puss in Boots is the same movie as the $24.99 Barnes and Noble Puss in Boots.
  • Puss in Boots. Actually we bought a few of those for our boys. The funny thing is the $1 Wal-Mart Puss in Boots is the same movie as the $24.99 Barnes and NoblePuss in Boots.
    That's actually a good movie.
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    ..Walmart has $1 anime?

    It's true. Have a look around next time you're in one. My local Walmart used to stock them back in the toy section with the electronic toys and whatnot, but I've also seen them in a gigantic rack up by the checkouts. In case you miss the enormous sign with the price on it you can tell they're the cheap ones because of the slimline cases and the inserts that look damn near like photocopies.

    That being said, the thought has crossed my mind to browse the rack and pick up a few that don't look as horrific as the rest. I mean, it's a buck. You can't get a much better cost-to-entertainment ratio than that unless someone outright gives them to you for free.
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  • They are definitely entertainment but mainly in an ironic sense, kind of like watching hentai.
  • I've thought about grabbing some. I saw some Kimba the White Lion there recently, but there was only one volume out of who knows how many, so I haven't gotten it yet.
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    That's actually a good movie.
    It was worth a dollar. The kids like it enough to ask for it from time to time. The dub is corny, it doesn't have a subtitle option. I didn't know it was anime until we got it home watched it. The main character (Pero the cat) was used by Toei Animation as a mascot. There was also this dude named Hayao Miyazaki that worked on the film.

    I love that era of anime. The first anime I saw was Princess Knight. It was on Sunday mornings on some little TV station in Iowa, I was 7-8 (so this is mid to late '70's) and I fell in love with it. It was YEARS before I figured out what was so special about that show.

    Anyway, there are Kimba movies in that dollar rack also. It's worth taking a look through that stuff. It's hard to figure out if some of it is anime or just crappy American cartoons from the box though. FYI - If you want it the move is actually called Puss 'N Boots, there is a banner above the logo that says "classic fables" and a distinctly non-anime drawing of a grey cat in boots and a hat in front of a castle. The video quality isn't that great but again it's a buck.
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