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The Hobbit is going in a new direction

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So apparently Peter Jackson is too busy to direct the Hobbit movie, but Guillermo Del Toro might be the new director. YESSSSS!!!! I am so happy Peter is not directing the Hobbit as I thought his translation of Tolkien's world was horrible. However, Peter is going to be the producer, so who knows how much influence he will still have on the new Movies.

I think Guillermo is a great match for a director of the Hobbit. I like his style based on Pan's Labyrinth. What do you guys think?

edit: Sorry, I forgot to provide a link. There is also a news story about this on the one



  • I think he is a brilliant director and I am also eagerly awaiting his rendition of At the Mountains of Madness and his possible remake of Frankenstein.
  • Oh, wow, he's making At the Mountains of Madness? That should rock pretty hard.
  • Oh, wow, he's makingAt the Mountains of Madness? That should rock pretty hard.
  • I recently heard that New Line underpaid Peter Jackson and the Tolkien estate. The Tolkien family was suppose to get 7% of gross receipts and ended up with less than $100K. Oh, here we go New Line gets Sued.

    That alone will send the Hobbit in a different direction.
  • The rights to the Lord of the Rings movies were kind of messed up.
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