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Another Google Video - Animusic Pipes

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Don't know if its been mentioned before.

This would have taken far too much effort to make...


  • Wow! Thats cool beans frozerburned.
  • Wow, that really is cool. It had realisticish physics and everything.
  • A friend of mine has that dvd...the whole thing is very, very cool. Impressive animation and fun music throughout.
  • I thought the beginning was the best haha. Or maybe that was just the initial wow factor :)
  • That was cool. But this made me laugh more
  • Teh pepsi girl made me laugh^^
  • I want to marry a girl like that one day.

    'cept for the asploding, of course.
  • Actually ATI took that video and rendered it realtime when dx9 was just starting to surface. You can download the demo off their website ( and see it happen in realtime while you move the camera around to any angle you want. The video itself is from a DVD collection of short musical animations but that is by far the most interesting of the set.
  • That ATI animation was pretty cool. But it needs more cowbell.

  • You always need more cowbell.
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