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Gunslinger Girl (SPOILERS MAYBE!!!)

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Gunslinger Girl is a manga by Yu Aida that was also turned into a 13-episode anime television series, produced by Madhouse Production. I really don't want to give it away to some people unless its going to be a bunch of people who have already seen it. Its not such a bad show.


  • My mate loves it. He is continuously telling me to watch it. I have seen the first 3 episodes, and I didn't hate it, so I will keep on watching. Sometime. Maybe when this uni semester finishes...
  • Yeah its pretty cool. I guess its the whole school-girl assassin thing with it. That and it like the mafia^^
  • I watched this and R.O.D. TV to kill time while I was living in the mountains on co-op way back. It was a decent show, but definitely nothing special. It didn't end so much as -stop-.
  • BTW Rym, don't tell the people on Something Awful direct connect server that ROD tv wasn't good. They take it personally.
  • Well, they're terrible people ;^)

    Seriously, that show lost all of the charm of R.O.D., replacing it with a filmsy plot, one-dimensional boring characters, episode upon episode of filler, and an ending that can only be described as stupid.

    It was three decent action scenes surrounded by a different show that happened to have the same characters. Half of the show was essentially just a middle school lesbian romance. All of the real characters from the original R.O.D. were weak cameos at best, and the show constantly tries to remind its viewers that it almost has something to do with the OAV.

    R.O.D. TV is a terrible, terrible show. Its only saving grace was high production values...
  • I liked it, though it got extremely flimsy.
    I probably only enjoyed it because they continued some leads from the OVA, and had fun paper fights (Never as enjoyable as the OVAs, unfortunately).
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